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As the second son of the Duke of Hampshire, Grenville St John Hampton isn’t likely to inherit his family’s title or estate, leaving him pondering an empty, aimless future. During the summer break from university, he impulsively decides to go backpacking with one of his oldest friends, Johnathan; their destination is Belize.

One sultry night on the Central American coastline, Grenville and Johnathan meet Tom. A game of darts takes a vicious turn. Realising he has nothing to look forward to back at home, Grenville decides to stay on in Belize with Tom, in pursuit of adventure. Together, the new friends establish an import business, and for the first time in his life, Grenville has a sense of purpose.

But back in England all is not well. The sudden death of his brother leaves Grenville with an unexpected – and now unwanted – inheritance, with new consequences and responsibilities. He will return to claim the family’s seat with a dark secret in tow.

The Second Son Cover

Character Spotlight

Jonathan as Grenville’s closest school friend is not hard to understand.  He first met Grenville on the first day of boarding school, while they both waited in line to be shown their house and accommodation, they struck up a conservation more out of trepidation for what was to become, once they were joined in the conservation with Hugo they quickly all became firm friends.  From the very earliest days Jonathan always told his friends he was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and inherit the family law firm and eventually like his father become a high court judge.

Everything Jonathan did at school was directed towards this goal, and both his two best fiends understood his drive.  Jonathan was a very good orator so was very popular with anyone who met him, but his loyalty to his two-close friend was understood by anyone who met him.

During a gap year from university on a drunken whim Jonathan decided to go back packing to Belize, which drunk Grenville agreed to go with him, Jonathan was in his element organising the trip as Grenville knew this was one of his strengths and not one of Grenville’s.  Jonathan had the knack to read a situation perfectly and understood human nature and had the ability to read people, which was no doubt a trait he had inherit from his father.   During their school time this ability had saved Grenville from certain punishment, which Grenville was always grateful for.

It was obvious from the early stages of their adventure that Jonathan was not a good traveller and being a global traveller was never going to be an option for him, he vowed once he returned to England it would be a serious reason to get him to leave its Green pastures again.   It was during a last drink in a waterside pub and during a game of darts with the locals that Jonathan correctly read the situation that the locals were not impressed with Grenville’s dart antics, trying to persuade him to tone it down, the match turned ugly, enter Tom who whisks they away back to the capital.   At first Jonathan was guarded with Tom as a good judge of character Johnathan was unable to read him so remained guarded.  Johnathan became quite jealous of the friendship Grenville and Tom were striking up, but was not shocked when he suggests they need to return home to England, Grenville decided to stay, he asked Tom to keep him safe, which Tom agreed to do giving Jonathan his address so he could contact Grenville if he needed to.

A few years later, after years of not hearing from Grenville, Jonathan was summoned to his Fathers office, who was with Grenville Father the Duke of Hampshire, who explained that his eldest son had died so Grenville was now heir apparent and must return home.  Jonathan was in a turmoil of emotions to tell then he knew how to contact Grenville or remain loyal to his friend.  Jonathan eventually came down on the side of family and duty and agrees to contact Grenville on behalf of his father.


Andy Blackman is the author of For the Love of Grace (published by Clink Street, 2016).

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About the author: After  serving  in  the  British  Army  for  over  twenty-five  years  in  the  Parachute  Regiment, Andy Blackman today lives in Bedworth, Warwickshire and works within in the IT sector. In his spare time he can be found visiting his three daughters and grandchildren. His previous novel, For the Love of Grace, was published in 2016.


Blog Tour | Doing Scary – Donald M. Bell

Thank you to Authoright Marketing & Publicity for my spot on this blog tour! Below you’ll find a description of the book and also an author spotlight where Donald tells us about himself and how he wrote ‘Doing Scary’ which is published on the 5th October.



Two marriages haunted by betrayal. Four people whose pursuit of the American Dream has taken a nightmarish turn. Roman and Sage Bryant-Cole have spent nine months trying to salvage what was left of their marriage after it was rocked by the revelation of Roman’s serial affairs. Sage is dealt a second blow when she discovers that her cherished cousin, Owen Bryant, has been cheated on by his ruthless, gold-digging wife, Leah. Sage’s discovery hits the reset button on the progress she and Roman had been making on their marriage, as all the doubts and fears she has tried to suppress come flooding back. In order to reclaim Sage’s trust, and to save a love now left dangling by a thread, Roman must take his efforts to win back his wife to another level.

Leah and Owen Bryant are visited by a ghost from their past; Leah’s college sweetheart, Casey. Leah and Owen must confront a dark secret at the heart of their marriage, if they are to stand a chance of surviving as a couple. One family’s legacy, two marriages, four lives, and millions of dollars are at stake. Doing Scary is a coming of age story which explores the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the battles we face in our thirties to keep our spiritual, emotional and psychological progress in check, as the things we hold most dear are put to the test.

Doing Scary Cover

Author Spotlight

“My name is Donald M. Bell, Sr. I grew up in the harbor area of Los Angeles, California in a small town called Wilmington. At the age of 16, I answered what people in the Baptist Church call, “The call to preach.” For eight years I served as the singles pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church of Inglewood, one of the largest ministries in California. While serving as a singles pastor, the weekly bible study I facilitated grew from a weekly attendance five to 10 to around 750 to 800.

During that season I was also featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show several times, as well as ABC’s 20/20, and the Documentaries Sister I’m Sorry, and Soul Mate. I have also had the privilege of being a weekly guest on KJLH nationally syndicated radio program Love in the Spirit hosted by Kevin Nash – a call-in show that answered relationship questions from a spiritual perspective.

In 2001, me and my wife, along with a group of friends, founded the Covenant Blessing Fellowship Church (CBF) that now meets in the very building I started preaching in nearly 40 years ago.

Sandwiched in between my work in ministry, I became a single foster parent, ten years of psychiatric nursing and a psych degree in organizational behavior. So aside from seeing the world through the lens of scripture, I also see the world through the lens of symptoms and systems. Something I think that colors my book, Doing Scary, in a profound and entertaining way.

As I prepare for the release of my first novel, I can’t help but reflect on the 50 year journey to get here. At seven, I entered a book writing contest designed by my school to encourage kids to write. Even though I won honorary mention, it had the opposite effect on me. The teacher heading the competition credited me for having the most creative story with the strongest plot, then went on to say “but if you want to know what real writing looks like, read the winner;s story.” What I heard that, in retrospect, I am sure the teacher did not mean to say – “Your book was OK but it wasn’t really writing.” I not only heard it but I owned it! At that moment I accepted the fact that I wasn’t a writer. Not only did I stop writing, but I also stopped reading fiction. Fiction books I told myself were these lesser forms of the written word like comic books people read but don’t learn anything from them. Despite this, my passion for writing remained.

For years I tried to write a self-help book about relationships but could not finish anything I started. By the time I got going on the writing my attention deficit disorder I had wrestled with would kick and I wanted to write something else. At that point I had no confidence, no focus and mounting evidence I was a quitter. At this point, I know you are dying to know what changed? How did I finally write a 310-page novel in three months? Sounds Like an infomercial, huh?

First, let me say there is no there is no shortcut worth taking. Writing is a grind even when you are in a flow state. Also what I am about to say is what worked for me. What’s going to work for you will most assuredly be deferent. The value of my story is not the method but the methodology. You must be willing to explore. All of that trying to write I did, at least forty partial written projects were not forty failed attempts at writing they were experiments I didn’t review and then make some adjustments based on the outcome i kept getting.

Here it is – there are three things I did that change everything for me. The first thing I had to do was address my fear of judgment, which includes the self-condemnation for not writing and the fear of having your writing judged. To address my self-condemnation for not writing, I made writing a choice. Whether I wrote or didn’t, I owned the fact that it was a conscious decision that did not come with judgment. When I wasn’t writing it was because I chose not to write. Not because I was a procrastinator or lazy. To address my fear of having my writing judged. I had to come to terms with the reality all first drafts suck. I entitled the draft, The Draft That Sucks.

The next thing I addressed was my attention deficit disorder. I had to learn my flow – creativity first thing in the morning. Focus late in evenings. In between I got nothing – so don’t force it.

To stay inspired and to keep the project fresh – I processed what I was writing with anyone who would listen.

A couple of things happened to address my confidence. First I realized I was a storyteller and not a writer. So I stopped trying to write what I had to say and just told a story about people I cared about even though they were fictitious. Once I placed the concepts I wanted to write about in the hands of my characters they wrote the book in three months. Finally, I confidence was helped by one of the members that asked for a copy of something I wrote ten years ago. She wanted to use it for a devotional.  When she was done she said you really ought to publish this. So I did – it became a devotional called 30 Days of Spiritual Detox (available on Amazon).

I hope that one of the things you take away from my story is the power of words to bind and to lose and that you choose words that edify and encourage.”

You can get a copy of Doing Scary here

Love Roxy xx


Blog Tour | Deadly Lies (DI Mariner #1) – Chris Collett


Book Description

Discover a new detective in a tough city. DI Tom Mariner thinks he’s seen it all, but now he faces an investigation which will push him to his limits.

Journalist Eddie Barham is found dead in his home. A syringe in his arm and a note by his side reading, ‘No More.’

Open and shut case of suicide? Not for DI Mariner. Hours before, he saw Barham picking up a prostitute in a bar. Mariner discovers Barham’s younger brother, Jamie, hiding in a cupboard under the stairs.

Jamie must have witnessed his brother’s death, but his severe autism makes communication almost impossible. Mariner is determined to connect with Jamie and get to the truth. And is the journalist’s death related to his investigation of a local crime kingpin?

What other dark secrets does Jamie hold the key to and can Mariner keep his relationship professional with Barham’s attractive sister, Anna?

In a nail-biting conclusion Mariner races against time to prevent more lives being lost.

Perfect for fans of Peter James, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson. This is the first book in the DI MARINER SERIES, more books coming soon!

Birmingham is a city of stark contrasts with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Playing a key role in the industrial revolution, it helped shape the nation’s manufacturing industry

But with its many green spaces, Birmingham also borders on the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and Warwickshire, is just a few miles from Stratford on Avon and a short drive from the wild country of mid-Wales.

Birmingham’s population is large and ethnically diverse, and while urban regeneration has forged a modern and culturally vibrant city, the decaying remnants of the industrial past and 1960s concrete jungle give it a unique and gritty character; the dark underbelly policed by DI Tom Mariner and his team.


Detective Inspector Tom Mariner is, on the surface, an average dedicated policeman, but his experiences as a younger man have given him an insight into life on the dark side, and a clear sense of right and wrong. Mariner has little interest in material things. He lives in a modest canal-side cottage, enjoys the occasional (real) beer and game of dominoes and drives an old car. He is most at home in the outdoors, with an OS map and a compass, and in times of crisis, will take off and walk for miles in any weather.

Police Constable Tony Knox has recently transferred to the West Midlands force and finds himself back in uniform following an undisclosed transgression. A scouser with the gift of the gab, and an irrepressible ladies’ man, Knox is initially wary of the inscrutable DI Mariner, but, when a need arises, is grateful for his unquestioning support and the lack of curiosity about his personal life.

Deadly Lies Book Cover

My Review

This is the first in the DI Tom Mariner series, but it’s useful to note that this book was originally published in the early 2000’s and this is a reprint. It begins with Detective Tom Mariner watching a disagreement between a man and woman in a bar – not long afterwards he’s standing next to a dead body. Investigating the death brings him to Anna and her autistic brother Jamie. Can DI Mariner retain a professional level with Anna as well as solve the case?

Describing this as ‘a gripping detective mystery’ is absolutely spot on – I couldn’t put it down. It was perfectly paced and well written with intriguing characters you just want to find out more about. It’s certainly one of the best detective stories that I’ve read so far this year and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the rest of the series too.

About The Author

Chris Collett grew up in a Norfolk seaside town where she worked in a boarding house (now defunct) a local bakery (closed down) and a crisp factory (razed to the ground). Graduating in Liverpool, Chris has since taught children and adults with varying degrees of learning disability, including autism. She is now a university lecturer, with two grown up children, and lives in Birmingham; DI Tom Mariner’s ‘patch’. She has published short stories, teaches creative and crime writing and is a manuscript assessor for the Crime Writers Association.
Find out more at

Blog Tour | Kisses From Nimbus – P.J. ‘Red’ Riley


Shot at, bombed, imprisoned and arrested for murder. His is the story the establishment doesn’t want you to read.

Captain P. J. “Red” Riley is an ex-SAS soldier who served for eighteen years as an MI6 agent.

Riley escaped internment in Chile during the Falklands war during an audacious top-secret attempt to attack the Argentinian mainland.

He was imprisoned in the darkness of the Sierra Leonean jungle, and withstood heavy fire in war-torn Beirut and Syria.

In 2015, he was arrested for murder but all charges were later dropped.

In this searing memoir, Riley reveals the brutal realities of his service, and the truth behind the newspaper headlines featuring some of the most significant events in recent British history. His account provides startling new evidence on the Iraq war, what Tony Blair really knew about Saddam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction before the allied invasion, and questions the British government’s alleged involvement in the death of Princess Diana.

Chaotic, darkly humorous and at times heart-wrenchingly sad, Kisses From Nimbus charts the harrowing real-life experiences of a soldier and spy in the name of Queen and country.

Kisses From Nimbus

Happy Wednesday everyone! Welcome to another blog tour – I absolutely love doing these. I get so excited! Today’s book is very different to the kind that I would normally read which you can probably tell by the fact the cover has a gun on it, and not a teashop. What I love about reading though is that you can read whatever you want, and this time I chose to read something different.

I really like the picture on the cover – It’s clever and gives you a sense of what the book entails straight away. I always find it worrying going through security at the airport when my stuff gets scanned. Not because I ever have anything to hide but I’m always thinking they’re going to see the 1 pair of Bridget jones pants that always goes on holiday with you. I’m not sure which is more dangerous – a gun or a pair of pants that Hugh Grant has his eye on.

Kisses from Nimbus is the story of an ex SAS soldier who served 18 years as an MI6 agent. An interesting and fast paced story of what happens in a life so unlike our own. Or at least unlike my life – if any of you get imprisoned and arrested then I’d say you need to calm your Friday nights down! Reading this is almost like we’re reading the plot of a great film, until we remember that it actually happened. It was a really interesting read and I’d recommend it, even if it’s not something you’d usually pick up.

You can get copies here – Amazon, Barnes & Noble

About the author:

Born in 1946 in Lancashire, P.J. ‘Red’ Riley joined the British Army at the age of eighteen. After basic training, he volunteered for Pilot Training and qualified as an operational helicopter pilot going on to service in Germany, Northern Ireland, Canada, Belize and Cyprus. He was later appointed Flight Commander SAS Flight Hereford. At the age of thirty-six years old he left the Army Air Corps and transferred to the SAS. In 1989, when Riley left the army he was quickly recruited by Mi6 where he served until 2015. Now retired, Riley splits his time between the UK and Spain spending his time writing. Chaotic, darkly humorous and at times heart-wrenchingly sad, Kisses From Nimbus tells his story as it happened, charting the harrowing real-life experiences of a soldier and spy in the name of Queen and country.

Love Roxy xx

Book Review | The Silk Weaver’s Wife – Debbie Rix

‘On the way back down the grand staircase to the hall, her eye was caught by a portrait, hanging in a particularly dark corner of a landing. It was of a young woman, seated at an easel; she was painting a silk moth, its eggs nestling on a mulberry leaf.’

1704: Anastasia is desperate to escape her controlling and volatile father and plans to marry in secret. But instead of the life she has dreamed of, she finds herself trapped in Venice, the unwilling wife of a silk weaver.

Despite her circumstances, Anastasia is determined to change her fate…

2017: Millie wants more from her relationship and more from her life. So when her boss Max abruptly ends their affair, she takes the opportunity to write a feature in Italy.

Staying in a gorgeous villa, Millie unexpectedly falls in love with the owner, Lorenzo. Together they begin to unravel an incredible story, threaded through generations of silk weavers.

And Millie finds herself compelled to discover the identity of a mysterious woman in a portrait…

A gorgeously written, richly evocative story, The Silk Weaver’s Wife is perfect for readers who love Kate Morton and Gill Paul.

The Silk Weavers Wife


I will admit that historical stories aren’t my favourite and I don’t read them often – but this one caught my eye. When I read a historical book I want to be transported to a place or time I know little about but be able to imagine walking down the street, taking in the sights and smells as if I was there. Debbie Rix manages to do this almost instantly. The story is set over two timeframes – 1704 and 2017. In 1704 Anastasia wants to run off with her beloved Marco away from her abusive father to begin her life. In 2017 Millie travels to Italy to give her space from a confusing relationship only to meet someone that she didn’t expect.

This is a beautifully written historical romance. Not only is it enjoyable to read but it was obvious quite how much research Debbie put in to the history of silk manufacturing and the process. I love learning new things, particularly when it’s such an enjoyable way to learn. I haven’t read anything by Debbie Rix before but I’m going to make sure to pick up some of her other books to read as well!

You can get a copy of A Silk Weaver’s Wife here

Love Roxy xx


Tis (Not) The Season!

Happy Weekend everyone! As I mentioned in my last post it’s already September! The year is going ridiculously fast and I’m not quite prepared for it to be nearly over yet. So imagine my horror the other day when I browse my favourite Netgalley publishers as usual to discover that…

Christmas books are already coming out…

I KNOW! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Christmas. I can’t get enough of it! I’m that office loser that wears the stupid hats and hums carols all day whilst everyone else glares (bah humbug to you all). I spend hours upon hours browsing Pinterest for office gifts to make and save a ton of themed baking that I never get round to making (until this year!). I even read Christmas themed books constantly! No, Christmas is not the issue. It’s just… It’s September.

I’m not ready to read Christmas books yet. Firstly (and I think the most vital point) is that we haven’t even had Halloween. Oh no, in fact I think Halloween is a rather overlooked holiday in England. Sure, we pretend to get in to it. Some people make a slight effort at decorating. Everyone stocks up on sweets for the trick or treaters, inevitably running out way too early, and occasionally there’s a Halloween party invitation. But I don’t think we ever get in to it properly. (When I say we, I mean everyone I know that isn’t me!). Where are all the Halloween books? Why do we get Christmas books, but no Halloween books?! In my opinion as soon as Halloween is done I can start thinking about Christmas.

Secondly, it’s still September. So if I start reading these Christmassy books now when it’s still 3 months away I might lose my excitement. What if I think it’s dragged out for too long? What if I’ve read about so many mince pies that it gets to Christmas Day and I can’t even look at one? What about if I become a… Scrooge. It doesn’t bear thinking about. But on the other hand these books are all being published soon. I can’t leave them on my kindle unread for months – so I’ll have to read them soon. Some of them are even parts of series that I’ve been reading – I need to know what happens!

So I guess this is it folks. I’ve officially entered… the Christmas zone. Na na na na na na na na na na na na… *Attempt of the Twilight Zone theme tune. Well done if you got that*

Anyway check out the latest books on my to read list – aren’t the covers so pretty?

Love Roxy xx

September Already?!

Wow this year is going by so quickly! I’m sure it was only just Christmas and I was trying to impress Matt by cooking him the full works. I’ve never sworn so much at a Yorkshire pudding in my life… Then the January blues hit and I started up this blog – now it’s September and my little baby sister is going in to Year 7! I can’t believe it’s going by so quickly – I wish time would go a little bit slower… pretty please Time God?

I’ve 3 weeks in to my new job now – it’s a huge improvement on the last one (but I don’t think it could have been much worse!). I’m enjoying it and the office is nice – I’m particularly loving flexible hours and that you can take your dogs to work. French bulldog cuddles half way through the day? I’ll just pop upstairs! But I still can’t see myself doing finance forever – I want to do something for myself, something that helps people or at least makes them happy. I also forgot how little time I have once I’ve gone to work, done my gym class, spent time with my sister and done all the boring things like making lunch for the next day. What was spare time again?

I’ve managed to fit in some reading so there’s a couple of book reviews up soon. I’ve also got an overdue wedding blog and a few other things up in the next week or so too. I also have my first sewing class tomorrow evening and I can’t wait! I think we’re making a little bag tomorrow for the beginners lesson, then I’d love to learn how to read patterns and make clothes (or even underwear!). I’ll make sure to put a picture of the finished product up on Instagram tomorrow night! Plus there’s just under two months now until Halloween – one of my favourite days of the year! Eeeek!

See you shortly with a book review!

Love Roxy xx


Book Review | The Good Sister by Jess Ryder

Two sisters. One secret… A lie that could destroy them both.

When her father dies, Josie is devastated to uncover he led a secret life: another house, another family and a half-sister called Valentina.

Both with red hair and icy blue eyes, Josie and Valentina could be mistaken for twins. But the similarities end there…

Josie – Sweet, reserved, jealous, thief.
Valentina – Care-free, confident, dangerous, liar.

Two sisters. One survivor.

A nail-bitingly tense and unputdownable read that will keep you turning pages into the night. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and Sister Sister.

The Good Sister

I started this one without reading the blurb first as I sometimes like to ‘go in blind’ as they say. For this one I’m really glad I did as it added a couple of extra twists that I would have known about before otherwise. I think I started this one Sunday morning and stayed up until half 11 to finish it (late for me haha!). I just couldn’t put it down!

It’s not a particularly long book at 230 pages but I didn’t feel like we missed out on anything. The chapters were broken up nicely so it flowed really well. The chapters go back and forth between Josie and Valentina but they aren’t actually labelled. It’s easy to tell at the beginning but it gets more difficult towards the end which I actually really liked – it added another level and made me second guess the characters as well as my own judgement.

I don’t want to give too much away on this one as it’s such a fabulous book – you need to read it knowing as little as possible! Well written, gripping and gets your heart racing – absolutely loved it! One of my favourite books of the year so far! Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for my copy.

You can get a copy here – just 99p at the moment!

Love Roxy xx

Blog Tour | If The Creek Don’t Rise – Leah Weiss

He’s gonna be sorry he ever messed with me and Loretta Lynn
Sadie Blue has been a wife for fifteen days. That’s long enough to know she should have never hitched herself to Roy Tupkin, even with the baby.
Sadie is desperate to make her own mark on the world, but in remote Appalachia, a ticked out of town is hard to come by, and hope often gets stomped out. When a stranger sweeps into Baines Creek and knocks things off kilter, Sadie finds herself with an unexpected lifeline… if she can just figure out how to use it.
This intimate insight into a fiercely proud, tenacious community unfolds through the voices of the forgotten folks of Baines Creek. With a colorful cast of characters that each contribute a new perspective, If The Creek Don’t Rise is a debut novel bursting with heart, honesty and homegrown grit.
If The Creek Dont Rise

Howdy Y’all! Another blog tour today, this time for If The Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss. This is a debut novel which is always exciting but I imagine pretty scary for the author?! Everyone knows by now that I love the South so this book jumped right out at me. That and the cover which is pretty emotional in itself.

The book was almost like sitting in a quiet Southern kitchen having sweet iced tea with an old friend. The story is told from various perspectives which I really liked, and I thought that the writing style set the perfect tone throughout. It’s an easy read, steady pace and has a great ending!

This book is available from the 22nd August and you can get a copy here

Love Roxy xx

Leah Weiss

About the Author:

Leah Weiss is a Southern writer and novelist born in North Carolina and raised in the foothills of Virginia. Her debut novel, If the Creek Don’t Rise, will be released in August of 2017. Her short stories have been published in The Simple Life magazine, Every Day Fiction and Deep South Magazine. She retired in 2015 from a 24-year career as Executive Assistant to the Headmaster at Virginia Episcopal School. She now pursues writing full time. 


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Blog Tour | The Little Cottage in the Country – Lottie Phillips

Little Cottage in the country blog tour

Escape to the country!

Anna Compton thought that moving to the countryside, leaving London and her past firmly behind her was the perfect solution. Goodbye life of thirty-something, crazed single mum of two, hello country glamour queen, domestic goddess and yummy-mummy extraordinaire.

But her new life at Primrose Cottage isn’t quite what she expected! Very soon she’s chasing pork pies down hills, disguising her shop-bought cakes at the school bake sale – and trying to resist oh-so-handsome Horatio Spencerville, who just so happens to be the Lord of the Manor…

Could moving to the country be the biggest mistake she’s ever made?

Cottage in the country

I love the name of this book and the beautiful cover – it paints such a sweet picture before you even start reading! Anna Compton lives in London with her two children until the day she’s left a cottage by her Aunt and decides the hustle and bustle of the City is no longer for her. After arriving at the cottage – which isn’t quite what she expected – her new life begins. Living in Surrey I can relate completely to the locals in this story who shop at Waitrose and call their children ‘Agamemnon’. Yes, it really does happen.

There are plenty of hilarious moments and I giggled throughout! I’ve always harboured a secret wish to take part in a cheese rolling competition so imagine my delight when Anna finds herself as the first woman to take part in the annual pork pie rolling! Not that I was a little jealous or anything… A well written romantic comedy – it’s so easy to get swept up in the eventful new life of Anna and her kids. Things only get more interesting when her mad mum and best friend turn up too. An author to watch out for – I can’t wait to read the next one!

Thank you to Lottie Phillips and HQ Digital for the chance to read and review this! You can get a copy here

Love Roxy xx

About the author:

Charlie Phillips, writing under the pseudonym Lottie Phillips, worked as a teacher before turning her hand to fiction. She was brought up in Africa and the Middle East and then – as an adult – travelled extensively before moving to London and finally settling in the Cotswolds with her partner and toddler. When she’s not writing, you will find her scouring interior design magazines and shops, striving toward the distant dream of being a domestic goddess or having a glass of wine with country music turned up loud. As a child, she always had her nose in a book and, in particular, Nancy Drew.

The Little Cottage in the Country is Charlie’s debut romantic comedy. She is very excited to be sharing Anna Compton’s hilarious story with you! She also writes psychological thrillers under the pseudonym Louise Stone, including the best-selling novel, S is for Stranger.

Readers can find Charlie Phillips on Twitter @writercharlie or at or

Little Cottage in the country Banner