Tis (Not) The Season!

Happy Weekend everyone! As I mentioned in my last post it’s already September! The year is going ridiculously fast and I’m not quite prepared for it to be nearly over yet. So imagine my horror the other day when I browse my favourite Netgalley publishers as usual to discover that…

Christmas books are already coming out…

I KNOW! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Christmas. I can’t get enough of it! I’m that office loser that wears the stupid hats and hums carols all day whilst everyone else glares (bah humbug to you all). I spend hours upon hours browsing Pinterest for office gifts to make and save a ton of themed baking that I never get round to making (until this year!). I even read Christmas themed books constantly! No, Christmas is not the issue. It’s just… It’s September.

I’m not ready to read Christmas books yet. Firstly (and I think the most vital point) is that we haven’t even had Halloween. Oh no, in fact I think Halloween is a rather overlooked holiday in England. Sure, we pretend to get in to it. Some people make a slight effort at decorating. Everyone stocks up on sweets for the trick or treaters, inevitably running out way too early, and occasionally there’s a Halloween party invitation. But I don’t think we ever get in to it properly. (When I say we, I mean everyone I know that isn’t me!). Where are all the Halloween books? Why do we get Christmas books, but no Halloween books?! In my opinion as soon as Halloween is done I can start thinking about Christmas.

Secondly, it’s still September. So if I start reading these Christmassy books now when it’s still 3 months away I might lose my excitement. What if I think it’s dragged out for too long? What if I’ve read about so many mince pies that it gets to Christmas Day and I can’t even look at one? What about if I become a… Scrooge. It doesn’t bear thinking about. But on the other hand these books are all being published soon. I can’t leave them on my kindle unread for months – so I’ll have to read them soon. Some of them are even parts of series that I’ve been reading – I need to know what happens!

So I guess this is it folks. I’ve officially entered… the Christmas zone. Na na na na na na na na na na na na… *Attempt of the Twilight Zone theme tune. Well done if you got that*

Anyway check out the latest books on my to read list – aren’t the covers so pretty?

Love Roxy xx


September Already?!

Wow this year is going by so quickly! I’m sure it was only just Christmas and I was trying to impress Matt by cooking him the full works. I’ve never sworn so much at a Yorkshire pudding in my life… Then the January blues hit and I started up this blog – now it’s September and my little baby sister is going in to Year 7! I can’t believe it’s going by so quickly – I wish time would go a little bit slower… pretty please Time God?

I’ve 3 weeks in to my new job now – it’s a huge improvement on the last one (but I don’t think it could have been much worse!). I’m enjoying it and the office is nice – I’m particularly loving flexible hours and that you can take your dogs to work. French bulldog cuddles half way through the day? I’ll just pop upstairs! But I still can’t see myself doing finance forever – I want to do something for myself, something that helps people or at least makes them happy. I also forgot how little time I have once I’ve gone to work, done my gym class, spent time with my sister and done all the boring things like making lunch for the next day. What was spare time again?

I’ve managed to fit in some reading so there’s a couple of book reviews up soon. I’ve also got an overdue wedding blog and a few other things up in the next week or so too. I also have my first sewing class tomorrow evening and I can’t wait! I think we’re making a little bag tomorrow for the beginners lesson, then I’d love to learn how to read patterns and make clothes (or even underwear!). I’ll make sure to put a picture of the finished product up on Instagram tomorrow night! Plus there’s just under two months now until Halloween – one of my favourite days of the year! Eeeek!

See you shortly with a book review!

Love Roxy xx




I’m a little late putting this up as I was on holiday when I hit 200 but I’ll share it anyway! Thank you to everyone who follows and/or reads – it’s only going to get better ☺️ I’ve upgraded my blog and had a little revamp – still trying to figure out how everything works but I like the new look so far!

I’ve been dog sitting this week which I’ll be doing for another 2 weeks yet. I don’t particularly like being in houses by myself but I’m being brave! Until the family get home though I won’t be reading any book that could potentially turn out to be creepy – so romance and happy books only haha. Now that I’m home I’m back at my gym again which I love – I did 7 classes last week and I feel so good getting back in to it! Days at the moment are spent at the gym, walking the dogs or reading – I’m getting so bored! I just feel like I’m not really accomplishing anything! So I booked my last accountancy exam for October and I’ll be studying for that now until my boyfriend comes to visit at the weekend ❤️

Hope you’re all doing great!

Love Roxy xx

I’m Back!

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around much recently – I’ve been so busy with leaving my job, going on holiday and then moving from Plymouth back to Surrey! So a lot of stress but I’m back now and pretty much settled in. I’m officially in a long distance relationship now too with a 4 hour car journey between us, but as next year we’ll have the Atlantic to cross instead I’m quite happy with the 4 hours for now 🙂

This is just a quick post to let you know that I’m back up and running on the blog front! I’ve got some great posts coming up plus a ton of reviews for the books I’ve managed to get read. I’ve even got 2 weeks dogsitting now before I start my new job (oh yeah – I got a new job too!) so my days are free to read, cook, study, watch shows and write. Exciting!

I’m off to take the dogs out for their walk before it rains again – have a lovely morning!

Love Roxy xx

To The Guy Who Called Me Fat

You and your friends were hanging round outside the ladies toilets – I don’t know why, it’s not exactly the nicest part of the club to hang out in. You all looked at me as I walked out, headed back to my group on the dance floor. I don’t know what was going through your mind but I didn’t look your way – cautious that some guys take a casual look as a sign you want to sleep with them and bug you the rest of the night. Cautious that sometimes a ‘wrong look’ can mean being followed home, or a trip to A&E. So I didn’t even look your way. Then as I was just about to head through the door I heard it – you called me fat. Not even a casual comment to your friends – you spoke straight to me and called me fat.

Why? Was it because I hadn’t looked at you and you were insulted? Is it because I’m not stick thin like a lot of the girls in the club? Or were you just a dick who has nothing better to say?

What you didn’t know is that I’d spent almost an hour before leaving the house trying to find something I thought I looked okay in. You didn’t know that I’d kicked my boyfriend out the room because I was struggling (and failed) not to cry. You didn’t know that I’d picked a clutch bag big enough to hide my stomach. Or that I’d walked in to a bathroom full of gorgeous, tiny girls just before and had almost cried in the toilets. 

You didn’t know that I’ve been worrying about going on holiday because I’ll have to wear shorts and my legs wobble. Or that I worry that I’ll get cheated on because everyone else I see is thinner and prettier, especially his female friends. You didn’t know all this and I wonder what would have changed if you had? 

I’m a big believer in being nice to people – the only thing I wanted to say to the skinny girls in the club is how nice their dresses were. You don’t gain anything from being horrible to people. I know that I haven’t been to the gym as much as normal. I know that my legs could do with some toning. I know I’ve always struggled with my arms, no matter how much exercise. But I also know that it’s none of your damn business. 

Last time we went to this club someone called me a slag, but it didn’t bother me because I knew it wasn’t true. This time it hurt. Why does anyone think it’s okay to go round insulting people they haven’t even spoken to? 

I don’t know who you are to tell you straight to your face but listen to me when I say I don’t care what you think. The opinion of one dickhead who saw me for less than 10 seconds doesn’t bother me. Instead I’ll listen to my boyfriend who said I was beautiful, even when ugly crying on him. I’ll listen to my family and especially my sister who looks up to me. I’ll listen to the stranger on the street who stopped to say that I have lovely eyes and my boyfriends friends who said I was pretty. This post is all about looks but we’re all so much more than what’s on the outside. I’m content with who I am and I’ll be more than happy being the bigger person.

The dress I was wearing at the club

Love Roxy xx

Life Update & July Goals

Happy July! I can’t believe we’re in the 7th month of the year already – it’s going by so fast! July is quite a big month for me so I thought I’d give a few updates as to what’s going on.


I’m leaving my current job and my last day is the 14th July! I handed my notice in a few weeks back now but I’m nearly at the end, just another 10 working days left. There are bits that I like about this office and the company, but not enough to stop me doing a little happy dance out the door. I’m grateful though as it was a different role than I was used to and I now have experience covering the whole of finance, so I know exactly what to look for in my next job. I have a few weeks off now before I start applying again!


I mentioned that Matt and I were trying to book a holiday somewhere and we managed to book one – woooo!! We’re going to Corfu on the 16th July for a week and I’m so excited. We’re all inclusive which means plenty of cocktails and chilling by the pool, but we’re also going to do a few excursions and actually see some of the Island. I’d love to go see some of the more historical sites, and a few less touristy bits. Maybe even a boat tour if I’m feeling brave! Then more cocktails of course haha.



We’re so close to getting our US visa’s through now. Now that my job is done I’ll be moving back home  at the end of the month ready to go to the States! I don’t know timescales but I will keep you all updated. It does mean I only have one more month living around Matt, then it’ll be just a couple of times a month when we get the chance to visit each other. Fingers crossed it won’t be as hard as I think it’s going to be!


Studying is on the back burner for this last month whilst I enjoy the holiday and time with Matt – once August starts I have 3 weeks to use as full time study days which I hope will get me slightly closer to the end of this accountancy exam. Then I can focus fully on the Wedding/Events diploma 😍

July Goals

  • Set aside more time for reading – I’ve been too busy to get much done recently.
  • No studying!
  • 100 Instagram followers (currently 75)
  • 200 blog followers – I’m almost there!

What have you guys got going on this month?

Love Roxy xx










A Weekend Away in Exeter

Happy Wednesday! It’s the middle of the work week but so far I’ve only worked for half a day. My boyfriend and I went away Sunday & Monday night and I came back to work half way through Tuesday. For some reason I thought we were going to Torquay – turns out that we were going to Exeter! Haha. I only realised on the way to the hotel but they’re so close to each other it wasn’t a problem. We stayed at the Buckerell Lodge Hotel which was so cute – it looked like a country house! Far enough out of the centre of Exeter to avoid the traffic, but it meant we could walk if we wanted to.


We started off with Afternoon Tea at a Wyevale Garden Centre on the way to our hotel. It was actually a Groupon that I’d found a few weeks before that happened to work perfectly with our trip.

We got to the hotel (I forgot to take photo’s of the hotel room!) and chilled for a little while first. I had some time to read my book which is always appreciated! For dinner we walked over to Frankie and Benny’s which took about half an hour. On the way back we found a path that went right by the river so took a little longer to explore.


BBQ Ribs, Garlic Bread, Chicken Bites and Loaded Potatoes!


Lasagne and Mac n Cheese


Love seeing old buildings!


Walking by the River


Such a lovely walk!


We just had to walk down this road, it looked too cool not to!


Lit up with street lights

The next day we debated what to do as our original plans were closer to Torquay. We decided to go to Powderham Castle which was close by, and we got 50% off entry due to being National Trust members. Plus it had a petting zoo which always keeps me happy haha! Some of this castle dates back to the 14th Century, but mostly it was expanded in the 18th and 19th Century. You can get married here, and they also do a Candlelight Yoga class which I’m thinking about doing! (The yoga, not the marriage)


Sheep cuddles!


Feeding a tortoise cucumber!


Entrance to the Castle


Getting used to the Princess lifestyle


Entrance to the Castle


Castle grounds


Lunch at the cafe


The only thing missing is custard to go with the chocolate cake!

We were given a tour of the Castle which lasted about an hour and was so interesting! At one point I was told that I was stood under an original Turkish Fertility Light – I’ve never moved out of the way so fast haha. Apparently Mary Berry has recently filmed part of a TV series in the kitchens which will be shown in Autumn sometime. The show is called Mary Berry’s Secret’s From Britain’s Great Houses so I’ll be watching that when it airs!

After the Castle we went to a working flour mill (I didn’t manage to get any pictures there I’m afraid) and then to Exmouth for dinner. We parked by the sea front and ate at a restaurant called ‘The Beach’ – perfect name for it right? The food was delicious and I just had to have a glass of white wine to go with it… 😉


I had such a great time away that it made it even harder than normal to come in to work. We’re trying to book our first holiday abroad at the moment – hopefully we’ll get something booked soon! Sun, sea and cocktails pretty please 😍

What did you guys get up to at the weekend?

Love Roxy xx







Yesterday WordPress gave me this really awesome notification that I’ve hit 1,000 likes so far! Thank you to everyone who stops by, reads my posts, likes or comments. I appreciate every single visit and have loved every moment of blogging so far!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend so far! I’m packing my bags for a mini break we’re going on today – 2 nights in a Torquay hotel and I’ve found a ton of stuff to do whilst we’re there! There’s an aquarium/zoo park, an old Victorian High Street and some amazing caverns to name just a few. We’re also stopping by the local rescue centre on our way to donate some toys, so they’ve said we can come and see the dogs. I’m not sure if this is a wise choice or not as I can’t adopt one at the moment, and I know I’ll want to bring them all home!

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Love Roxy xx













Searching for Happiness – Part 3: Healthy Relationships —

Welcome back, and to part three of this new series. Today I will be talking about healthy relationships. Because basically, I am an expert on those matters. Kidding. I am but a normal gal who is trying to find what works. So I wrote out this master list, a nonexpert normal person list about how to […]

via Searching for Happiness – Part 3: Healthy Relationships —

*Roxy’s note!*

I adore this post from scaleitsimple – It’s so important to make time for the ones that we love. Whether it’s family, friends or a romantic love – it’s all important, and affects all aspects of our lives. There are some really great tips here although they aren’t always easy to do. It’s so easy to gossip, to be ‘too busy’ or to take things seriously. Sometimes it’s easier to sit in a sulk when you’re annoyed rather than just talk it out. It’s so easy to hold a grudge or to choose not to forgive (although I know the forgetting can be truly hard).

So smile at that stranger. When you like their top, tell them. Send that random ‘I love you’ message or just let someone know that you really appreciated something they did. Think about how you would like to be treated, and treat others that way. I’ve been thinking recently about how the world can be such a terrible place – I want to be someone who makes it a better place for others and this list is a good place to start!

Love Roxy xx

What’s Up Wednesday

My friend Cheila over at Pink For Days did a post today called ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ and I thought it looked like fun so I’ve borrowed it! It’s was her 4 month blog anniversary last week and she’s already got over 1,000 followers – she’s incredible so go check her out!

What;s Up Wednesday

What we’re eating this week

I’ve had all my favourite food so far this week and it’s only Wednesday. I do a risotto with chorizo, peas and sweetcorn which my boyfriend loves so we had that yesterday. On Monday we made enchilada’s which I love love love love LOVE! Tonight we’re making homemade pizza, and I’m not sure about the rest of the week but I’m sure it’s going to be good!

What I’m reminiscing about

HOLIDAYS! I have holidays on the brain all the time right now. I’ve been thinking back to some of the places I’ve been and where I’d like to return to. My boyfriend and I are thinking of booking somewhere sunny with lots of cocktails soon for a much needed week of relaxing reading.

What I’m loving

Although Summer doesn’t technically start until towards the end of June, I feel like it’s already here! I’m loving the Summer vibes – the sun, BBQ’s and flip flops! I’ve just had two days off work for the bank holiday so I don’t feel ready to be sitting in an office all day again.

What we’ve been up to

Exploring Devon, tobogganing and watching films. I think that pretty much sums everything up from the past few days! I made brownies, celebrated the end of exams and of course a bit of reading too.

What I’m dreading

I’m having a clear out in a few weeks time – Everything is getting a little cluttered so I want things a little more organised. I think the idea of ‘an organised space = an organised brain’ is true – I can think a lot clearer when things are nice and tidy! I don’t particularly enjoy the tidying up process though.

What I’m working on

I’ve got a couple of different things I’m working on for the blog right now as well as trying to get a little more organised with my posts. I’ve got an assignment for my wedding course that I need to finish as well but in order to be eligible for work experience all marks need to be above 75% so I need to make sure that it’s really good before I submit it.

What I’m excited about

I’m supposed to be going out this evening with my boyfriend and some of his friends from his uni course. I’ve been really excited about it but I’m not feeling that great today – hopefully by this evening I’ll be better! I can’t wait for a night of wine and dancing. I always love the cheesy music – If I hear Barbie Girl or Fresh Prince of Bel Air being played then I’m probably in my favourite club.

What I’m watching/reading

I won’t have time to watch anything tonight so instead I’ll catch up on the latest Pretty Little Liars episode tomorrow! I’m also watching Witches of The East End which is really good. I love anything supernatural – just wait and see how excited I get at Halloween! I’m reading an amazon freebie at the moment which I’m enjoying but I have to admit I didn’t look at the title and I’ve left my kindle at home today so I can’t tell you what it’s called.

What I’m listening to

Country (as usual)! Brad Paisley released a new album recently so I’ve listened to that a few times, but I have a big country playlist on Spotify that I put on most of the time. I may have also possibly listened to the Wicked soundtrack too quite a bit. Maybe miming along to Defying Gravity pretending I’m on the West End. Maybe…

What I’m wearing

For work I’ve just got on my black jeans and a pink work type top. If I go out tonight though I’ve got about 4 dresses that I can’t decide between. I think I’ll probably go for the bright red one, but I’ll pick later!

What I’m doing this weekend

This weekend there’s a food festival on in town called Flavour Fest so I’ll be going to that for sure. There’s normally loads of different stalls and foods to try as well as cooking demonstrations so hopefully the weather will be sunny! Other than that I’m probably going to do some baking and maybe study (probably not, but maybe).

What I’m looking forward to next month

Next month is my favourite month of the whole year! Summer officially starts and it’s my birthday – I’ll be 23! I’ve got a weekend away to explore Torquay to get excited about and a few nights out so I’m hoping it’ll be a great month. Fingers crossed we get a holiday booked too! I’ve also got my June Blogging Challenge so keep an eye out for my answers each day!

What else is new

Without wishing to sound boring… not a lot else is happening at the moment that I can share on the blog! When I’m able to update you all I will 🙂

What are you guys up to today?

Love Roxy xx