Blog Challenge Day 25 | Something I’m Currently Worrying About

I know that it’s past June and I didn’t complete all the challenges on time BUT I’m going to finish it anyway! 5 posts to go!

I’m a worrier and my mind tends to work in overdrive so I find it hard to just ‘stop thinking about things’. There’s so many things I’m stressing about but I’ll pick just one rather than go in to everything! At the moment I’m worrying about my last accountancy exam. I think I’ve forgotten a lot of the work leading up to this one which will make passing it even harder. I’m going to have to re-learn a lot and I only have until December to pass it as they’re changing the syllabus after that.


I don’t even like what I’m studying which makes it harder. But I have to remember how useful it will be, and once I’m done I can focus on the events planning instead which is so much more fun!

Love Roxy xx






Blog Challenge Day 24 | 5 Words/Phrases That Make Me Laugh

It runs in my family that when we get the giggles we can’t stop. Not without a good few minutes of crying and struggling to breathe first at least. When my mum, nana and I get the giggles together it’s almost impossible to stop but it’s so easy to see where I get it from! All 5 of these are actually things that not many other people would understand, so I’ll try to explain as much as possible. 4 of them actually happened in one weekend, and I’m still laughing about them over a year later.

Shepherds Pie
Shepherds PieI went to my friends house for dinner before we went ‘out out’ and I think there were just the 3 of us there. We were being kind of lazy and having ready meals and when my friend went to take it out of the oven this happened. Yes, she dropped it straight on to the floor by accident. It was so hilarious that my boyfriend has actually caught me sleep laughing and mumbling ‘shepherds pie‘.

I Split My Tights

The result of shepherds pie falling on the floor was that I also collapsed with laughter and split my tights right down the middle. I didn’t have any replacements so it was split tights for dancing all evening. Now it’s a phrase when someone laughs a lot – we say ‘don’t split your tights’


The morning after the above two incidents we went to one of the cafes in Plymouth for brunch. We used one table whilst waiting for a booth to become free – as soon as it did we grabbed our stuff and rushed over. It turns out that one single glove had been left under the first table, which was now occupied by a lady sitting by herself. The booth was actually higher up and overlooked the table – Cue my friend spending the whole brunch peering over this lady’s head trying to locate the glove and getting some very odd looks. It’s probably only funny to the 3 of us, but it’s another word that makes me cry.


This one is probably a little too rude to explain, but let me just assure you that we don’t actually mean a sausage…

Dough Balls

My sister and I had a sleepy conversation once about dough balls and pesto. Ever since we say it to each other in a funny voice and cry for the next few minutes. It was actually in relation to the Pizza Express dough balls, but she’s only 11 and so finds the words ‘balls’ hilarious anyway. Enough said of that I think!

So there’s a little glimpse in to what makes me laugh, and I can promise you that I am as weird and mad as I sounds. But then all the best people are! What phrase makes you guys laugh?

Love Roxy xx






Blog Challenge Day 23 | Something I Miss

One of the things that I miss most is my very first dog! We got him when I was about 10 – he was actually the smallest of the litter and was less likely to get picked! So we took him home instead and named him Paulo 😍


He was just the cutest, sweetest puppy! Look at those gigantic paws and floppy ears haha. That picture was taken in our old house which had a pond in the garden – he tried to jump over it when he was quite young and fell right in. He had to be fished back out again! He wasn’t small for very long though – German Shepherds get massive!


He never really liked many other dogs, but when we got our Chihuahua Bailey they became such good friends – he even let Bailey share his bed which was a pretty big deal. Check out the size difference!


He was also ridiculously fluffy and his hair got everywhere. He would normally come over for a belly rub just before I left the house and I’d end up looking as hairy as he did. Look how much hair would come off after a brush – he’s even grinning because he knows someone else will have to clean it up haha!


It’s been 2 years now and I still miss him 😟 He was an absolutely lovely dog though and we were so lucky to have him!

Love Roxy xx








Blog Challenge Day 22 | My Academics


Image from Pixabay

Hey Everyone! Day 22 of my blogging challenge – I know I’m a few days behind! The warm weather and a few busy days got to me but I’m catching up 😊 Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Today’s question is about my academics so we’ll start from the beginning I guess! I started primary school some time around 1998 – I can’t remember if I attended reception at the school or just started Year 1 so it’ll have to be a guesstimate. Primary school in the UK has 6 years before starting secondary school (or High School) in Year 7. My primary school closed the year I left – I like to think they were just so sad I was leaving! 😂 Actually it was a private school and they weren’t making enough money to keep the school going. I attended both the same Primary and Secondary school that my mum went to so the school closing was sad for a lot of people.

ChemistryMy Secondary school was a Grammar school and it was one of the best in the country. Because of this they were incredibly focused on results and staying high up in the league table – it was constantly ‘Only an A or A* is good enough’. I did my GCSE’s (the exams you take at 16) and I did okay – better than the national average for sure, but nowhere near good enough compared to the rest of the year. I think I failed a couple – French and Chemistry I think. I actually got so far behind in Chemistry that the teacher didn’t even help me towards the end! None of it made sense haha.

I decided to stay for sixth form to do my A-Levels (the exams you take at 18) but I also had a part-time office job at my stepdad’s company. I was only supposed to be working 6 hours a week (the rules set by my school) but I enjoyed it so much I was doing way more. My subjects were Classics, English Lit, English Language and Business Studies. I got through the first year but didn’t really enjoy any of it – my exam results again were okay but not good enough. The only subject I loved was Classic’s which I got a B in – I cried getting the results as I wanted an A so badly. Outside of school I’d also been taking evening book-keeping courses as something else to do.

After working the whole Summer I decided to leave sixth form in October. I probably should have stayed, but I didn’t have anything I wanted to do desperately at Uni and I just wanted to start working. I worked at the office for a few months, and then got a new job in Finance. This new job paid for me to do my AAT exams (which are accountancy) and I have completed all but one! I’m hoping to have this one finished by September. I’m also studying a wedding/events course which is what I’ve always wanted to get involved in! The finance training should help when I start my own company.

So that’s my Academics all rolled up in to a few paragraphs… Did you guys like school? Have any regrets about studying or not?

Love Roxy xx






Blog Challenge Day 21 | What I Hope My Future Will Be Like


Image from Pixabay

The year is 2024. Roxy is sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of her home in South Carolina. She’s reading a book that’s not yet been released, and she’s due to take part on the blog tour a few weeks later. By her feet is Albus, a rescue dog from the local shelter, whilst Hagrid sits inside where it’s cooler. She waves to one of her neighbours who pass by and they chat quickly about the upcoming Street BBQ – Roxy will be making her famous British dishes to take along.

‘Roxy, where are the fresh bed sheets’ she hears from inside the house. Her husband is getting the bedroom ready for the next foster child, who will be arriving later that day. Luckily Roxy works from home as a Wedding Planner, as well as having a side business of an online store, so she is able to spend a lot of time at home looking after both the dogs and the children. ‘They’re in the closet’ she calls back to him, getting up as she knows that it will be quicker if she helps. They were meeting her family for a meal at Crackerbarrel shortly – her sister was off to college and we wanted to see her before she went.

Roxy was happy 😊

















Blog Challenge Day 20 | My Fears

I like to think I’m really tough and not scared of very much, but that’s not true – I’m a bit of a scaredy cat haha! These are all the things that I could think of although there’s probably more that I’ll remember later.

Things I’m Scared Of

  • Water
  • Spiders
  • Most bugs
  • Snakes
  • The dark
  • The unknown
  • Growing old by myself
  • Being cheated on
  • Losing family or friends
  • Regretting things
  • Being kidnapped or murdered
  • Losing my memory when I’m older
  • Getting a divorce
  • Scary films


Love Roxy xx







Blog Challenge Day 19 | 5 Things I Lust After

I’m on a serious no spending money type budget at the moment, so I don’t really shop a lot. I still like to window shop, or fill up on online basket but I don’t tend to buy much. But I can still look right?

Craft and Baking Supplies

I can walk around a hobby craft store for hours but I normally come out having spent a fortune. I love crafts but my issue is that I want to try everything. I’m still teaching myself how to crochet, needlefelt and watching youtube tutorials to help me use my sewing machine! One day I’d love to have a home business selling things I’ve made. It’s the same with things for the kitchen – I always need more cupcake cases or cookery books!


I’m forever looking at holidays and places I want to go to. I’ll read up information and make notes and tips for when I finally get there! I’ve spent hours looking up holidays in the last few weeks as my boyfriend and I were hoping to go somewhere in July – we booked it at the weekend! We’re going to Corfu in a couple of weeks 😍 It’s the first time I’ll have gone to a Greek Island so I’m super excited – Matt even bought me a guide-book yesterday so we’re gonna plan out our trip – eek! 😀



Sidari, Corfu. Photo taken from the Thomas Cook website



I love dresses, but I never get enough chances to wear them! One of my favourite brands is Paper Dolls which I found on Little Mistress – They quite often have a really good sale too which is so dangerous for my purse haha. They’re really great for work or party dresses. I love looking at ball gowns too but I’ve not had the chance to wear one yet – hopefully one day!

Home Accessories

I can’t wait to have a house to decorate – I’m forever looking at candles, pillows, throws, canvas pictures etc but I don’t have enough space to fill yet! Primark is actually really good for home items so I try to avoid it now just in case haha. They’ve recently brought out a lot of pineapple inspired products which I went a little nuts for 🙊


You can never have too many matching notebooks and pens I don’t think. I love all stationery from desk planners to pencil cases! One of my favourite stores is Paperchase  as they have some adorable things. I actually bought a whole load of their postcards and strung them up on some fairy lights in my room. They’ve got either funny or motivational quotes on – I must remember to take photo’s of them sometime!

What do you guys love to shop for?

Love Roxy xx









Blog Challenge Day 18 | 10 of My Favourite Foods

I LOVE FOOD! I get so excited about new recipes and what I’m going to be eating that day. If I’m going out for dinner somewhere I’ll check the menu online so I can get excited about what I might choose when I get there. I’m going out this evening and I already know I’ll be having the halloumi burger haha. Here’s 10 of my favourite foods at the moment!

1. MangoEnchillada
2. Old El Paso Enchiladas
3. Halloumi
4. Lasagne
5. Spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce
6. Coconut rice
7. Pavlova or Eton Mess – anything with Meringue and fresh fruit!
8. Pizza
9. Goats Cheese
10. Sweet Potatoes

Love Roxy xx







Blog Challenge Day 17 | Something I’m Proud Of

This post is a little late for two reasons. Firstly I went out with my boyfriends family yesterday for the day which started quite early so I didn’t get a chance to write it first thing. We took their dog out by a lake, had lunch and then took a walk around a farm shop! The dog is so sweet – his name is Max, he’s an English Setter and is only about 6 months old! He is crazy excitable though and doesn’t ever seem to calm down – he keeps jumping up and as he’s getting so big now a headbutt would be quite painful! So we had to keep stroking him as the only way to keep him on the floor haha.

My boyfriend also has a problem with his flat at the moment which means it’s about 34 degrees (93F). He lives in student accommodation so the window’s don’t even open very far and it’s just insanely hot. I meant to write the post when we got in but the heat got to me and I just fell straight to sleep with an ice pack on my chest… eurgh!

The second reason that this post is late is because I’ve really struggled to come up with something to write. I keep thinking that there must be something I’ve achieved that I’m really proud of – something that stands out above everything else. But I can only think of little everyday things that are totally normal, but all together make me proud of who I am.

A Few Things I’m proud of:

  • I did a skydive for charity
  • I’m only one exam away from completing my AAT qualification
  • I went along to my burlesque class not knowing anyone – something that terrified me. Now I make an effort to step out of my comfort zone
  • Last year I got through a tough interview + a test and landed a new job. Apparently I interview pretty well
  • I’m proud of this blog
  • I’m proud of my sister – she’s only 11 but is an amazing singer. I’m even going to share her video because talking about her is one of my favourite things to do haha


Love Roxy xx



Blog Challenge Day 16 | Something I Always Think ‘What If’ About

What if I’d gone to University?

That’s probably the biggest ‘what if’ that I’ve got so far. I didn’t want to spend £9,000 at least a year on something that I would have just been studying for the sake of it. The only thing I would have wanted to study was Classical Civilisation, and that didn’t strike me as the most useful thing to study for a future career.

Would I have more friends?

What job would I be doing now?

Would I have met my boyfriend?

What University would I have studied at?

Where would I be living now?

Have I missed out on anything?

Would I be happier?

At the end of the day I didn’t go and nothing can change that. I do feel like I’ve missed out but I’ve lived in a student house for a year now which has made up for some of it. I’ve been working for too long to actually act like a student though, the sensible employed adult part of my brain kicks in. I’ve enjoyed the partying, and would have loved to do more. But I need to worry about getting up for work the next day, saving money for various bills and the next stage of my life. I’m one of these people who need to be continuously doing things and I’m not convinced that I’d get that being a student either. Of course this is my opinion based on the students that I know! Others may be very different 😊

I don’t like the idea of sitting and thinking ‘what if?’. I’d much rather invest my energy thinking of my life as it is right now, and the things I’m enjoying most 😍

Love Roxy xx