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A collection of beautiful black and white portraits illustrating the loving relationship between dogs and their owners. Each photograph is accompanied by a famous quote or by a quote from the dogs themselves.

Sally Grace is a professional photographer and specialises in working with children and dogs. Sally works from her photographic studio in Surrey.

Tails of Friendship

Usually dogs are my favourite things in the whole entire world – however my red setter is currently barking at me constantly whilst I try to study, and last night kept farting (very) loudly as if she’d devoured a whole bag of Brussels sprouts. It was gross. My chihuahua keeps trying to steal my socks… whilst they’re on my feet. But looking through this book reminded me how I couldn’t be without them! The pictures are lovely and the dogs are all so sweet! It’s laid out well and with lovely quotes too. My favourite is ‘You can say any foolish thing to a dog and the dog will give you a look that says “Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that”‘.

You can purchase the book using the links below! 🙂

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Author Spotlight

I am an English photographer living in a beautiful country village, an hour from London. I was brought up in an Irish family where we had a strict “open house “ethos. The door was always open and all were welcome into a warm and inviting atmosphere. My Irish Dad was a born entertainer and loved to tell stories and play funny tricks on every guest. He would photograph every moment and then disappear down the garden returning with beautiful black and white images of everyone. There would always be an eclectic mix of people – sometimes including very famous visitors. I used to spend hours with him watching those images appear and, as a child, it was always a magical experience. I often think how different this experience would be nowadays with photos of events usually being taken on a phone. So my love for photography was born. However, there were two other big loves that were also there from the beginning: tennis and dogs.

I was four years old when I began to play tennis and my dream was always to become a tennis player. I won the Nationals at the age of twelve and played for Great Britain as a teenager. I went everywhere with my tennis racket, but I always also took my camera; my love for photography increased every year. I am always fascinated by everyone’s photographs and love to create unusual images. I find photography exhibitions incredibly inspiring and feel so lucky when I can go out with my camera to create timeless photographs. I became a professional photographer twenty years ago, just after I got divorced, and have been running my own business ever since. I specialise in informal portraits of children, families and dogs. I am always delighted if a family has a dog as you know then that the photographs will contain a magic ingredient.

As much as I love tennis and photography, the biggest love of my life (apart from my children) is dogs. I have never lived without a dog or a camera so to create a photography book about dogs was always going to be an inevitable outcome in my life.

I am a single Mum of five children and have dedicated my book to my children – I have four beautiful grown up daughters – Francesca, Rebecca, Tessa and Ilana and then a gorgeous eleven year old son called Finn. We have two wonderful dogs – Archie and Twiggy, who both helped enormously with ideas for the book !In my book,  I have put together a collection of black and white photographs ( inspired by my late Dad !) and each photograph has a quote which is either written by the dogs themselves, or by a famous person. My favourite quote is, “Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.”

In my experience people can disappoint but a dog will never let you down. I have to say at this point that I promised my beloved Twiggy that I wouldn’t mention the time she chewed up my new Mulberry handbag. She consequently wrote her own quote in the book …” good food, good shoes and a good book. Eat the food….eat the shoes…eat the book.” Again we decided not to mention the once beautiful handbag!

I am so happy to have produced a book that illustrates the loving relationship between dogs and their owners as my dogs have given me unconditional love and support throughout my life .I am hoping that my book will appeal to all dog lovers, of any age. As someone once said, the true test of whether your partner or your dog loves you more is to put them both in the boot of your car for two hours. When you open the boot you will see who is the happiest to see you !”

My favourite quote in the book is “Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.” My life has certainly been enriched by my dogs and so I hope this book in turn makes people smile.

Love Roxy xx



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