I’m a little late putting this up as I was on holiday when I hit 200 but I’ll share it anyway! Thank you to everyone who follows and/or reads – it’s only going to get better ☺️ I’ve upgraded my blog and had a little revamp – still trying to figure out how everything works but I like the new look so far!

I’ve been dog sitting this week which I’ll be doing for another 2 weeks yet. I don’t particularly like being in houses by myself but I’m being brave! Until the family get home though I won’t be reading any book that could potentially turn out to be creepy – so romance and happy books only haha. Now that I’m home I’m back at my gym again which I love – I did 7 classes last week and I feel so good getting back in to it! Days at the moment are spent at the gym, walking the dogs or reading – I’m getting so bored! I just feel like I’m not really accomplishing anything! So I booked my last accountancy exam for October and I’ll be studying for that now until my boyfriend comes to visit at the weekend ❤️

Hope you’re all doing great!

Love Roxy xx


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