Life Update & July Goals

Happy July! I can’t believe we’re in the 7th month of the year already – it’s going by so fast! July is quite a big month for me so I thought I’d give a few updates as to what’s going on.


I’m leaving my current job and my last day is the 14th July! I handed my notice in a few weeks back now but I’m nearly at the end, just another 10 working days left. There are bits that I like about this office and the company, but not enough to stop me doing a little happy dance out the door. I’m grateful though as it was a different role than I was used to and I now have experience covering the whole of finance, so I know exactly what to look for in my next job. I have a few weeks off now before I start applying again!


I mentioned that Matt and I were trying to book a holiday somewhere and we managed to book one – woooo!! We’re going to Corfu on the 16th July for a week and I’m so excited. We’re all inclusive which means plenty of cocktails and chilling by the pool, but we’re also going to do a few excursions and actually see some of the Island. I’d love to go see some of the more historical sites, and a few less touristy bits. Maybe even a boat tour if I’m feeling brave! Then more cocktails of course haha.



We’re so close to getting our US visa’s through now. Now that my job is done I’ll be moving back home  at the end of the month ready to go to the States! I don’t know timescales but I will keep you all updated. It does mean I only have one more month living around Matt, then it’ll be just a couple of times a month when we get the chance to visit each other. Fingers crossed it won’t be as hard as I think it’s going to be!


Studying is on the back burner for this last month whilst I enjoy the holiday and time with Matt – once August starts I have 3 weeks to use as full time study days which I hope will get me slightly closer to the end of this accountancy exam. Then I can focus fully on the Wedding/Events diploma 😍

July Goals

  • Set aside more time for reading – I’ve been too busy to get much done recently.
  • No studying!
  • 100 Instagram followers (currently 75)
  • 200 blog followers – I’m almost there!

What have you guys got going on this month?

Love Roxy xx











3 thoughts on “Life Update & July Goals

  1. Cheila says:

    Can I be super nosy and ask why you’re moving to the US. No problem if you don’t want to answer. You seem to be excited about your vacation and I’m happy for you. You have great goals. I’d love to help but I’m already following you everywhere lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Roxy Starr says:

      My family decided to move because we’ve always loved it there! ☺ we used to have a house in Florida so would go over quite often, but living there is going to be sooo different – I can’t wait! xx


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