Blog Challenge Day 24 | 5 Words/Phrases That Make Me Laugh

It runs in my family that when we get the giggles we can’t stop. Not without a good few minutes of crying and struggling to breathe first at least. When my mum, nana and I get the giggles together it’s almost impossible to stop but it’s so easy to see where I get it from! All 5 of these are actually things that not many other people would understand, so I’ll try to explain as much as possible. 4 of them actually happened in one weekend, and I’m still laughing about them over a year later.

Shepherds Pie
Shepherds PieI went to my friends house for dinner before we went ‘out out’ and I think there were just the 3 of us there. We were being kind of lazy and having ready meals and when my friend went to take it out of the oven this happened. Yes, she dropped it straight on to the floor by accident. It was so hilarious that my boyfriend has actually caught me sleep laughing and mumbling ‘shepherds pie‘.

I Split My Tights

The result of shepherds pie falling on the floor was that I also collapsed with laughter and split my tights right down the middle. I didn’t have any replacements so it was split tights for dancing all evening. Now it’s a phrase when someone laughs a lot – we say ‘don’t split your tights’


The morning after the above two incidents we went to one of the cafes in Plymouth for brunch. We used one table whilst waiting for a booth to become free – as soon as it did we grabbed our stuff and rushed over. It turns out that one single glove had been left under the first table, which was now occupied by a lady sitting by herself. The booth was actually higher up and overlooked the table – Cue my friend spending the whole brunch peering over this lady’s head trying to locate the glove and getting some very odd looks. It’s probably only funny to the 3 of us, but it’s another word that makes me cry.


This one is probably a little too rude to explain, but let me just assure you that we don’t actually mean a sausage…

Dough Balls

My sister and I had a sleepy conversation once about dough balls and pesto. Ever since we say it to each other in a funny voice and cry for the next few minutes. It was actually in relation to the Pizza Express dough balls, but she’s only 11 and so finds the words ‘balls’ hilarious anyway. Enough said of that I think!

So there’s a little glimpse in to what makes me laugh, and I can promise you that I am as weird and mad as I sounds. But then all the best people are! What phrase makes you guys laugh?

Love Roxy xx







2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 24 | 5 Words/Phrases That Make Me Laugh

  1. bexoxo says:

    Anything to do with Popeye the Sailor Man causes fits of giggles for me. I think I accidentally made his ‘whoa’ sound and since then, I can’t think of the character without smiling.

    Also, a few months back, I was trying to describe how chocolate is made to my Fella and his friend, and instead of saying cocoa beans, I called them cocoa nuts, and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t understand what I was saying… coconuts/cocoa nuts (beans). We must have laughed for close to an hour. Now it’s an inside joke between the 3 of us. 😀

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