Blog Challenge Day 23 | Something I Miss

One of the things that I miss most is my very first dog! We got him when I was about 10 – he was actually the smallest of the litter and was less likely to get picked! So we took him home instead and named him Paulo 😍


He was just the cutest, sweetest puppy! Look at those gigantic paws and floppy ears haha. That picture was taken in our old house which had a pond in the garden – he tried to jump over it when he was quite young and fell right in. He had to be fished back out again! He wasn’t small for very long though – German Shepherds get massive!


He never really liked many other dogs, but when we got our Chihuahua Bailey they became such good friends – he even let Bailey share his bed which was a pretty big deal. Check out the size difference!


He was also ridiculously fluffy and his hair got everywhere. He would normally come over for a belly rub just before I left the house and I’d end up looking as hairy as he did. Look how much hair would come off after a brush – he’s even grinning because he knows someone else will have to clean it up haha!


It’s been 2 years now and I still miss him 😟 He was an absolutely lovely dog though and we were so lucky to have him!

Love Roxy xx









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