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Hey Everyone! Day 22 of my blogging challenge – I know I’m a few days behind! The warm weather and a few busy days got to me but I’m catching up 😊 Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Today’s question is about my academics so we’ll start from the beginning I guess! I started primary school some time around 1998 – I can’t remember if I attended reception at the school or just started Year 1 so it’ll have to be a guesstimate. Primary school in the UK has 6 years before starting secondary school (or High School) in Year 7. My primary school closed the year I left – I like to think they were just so sad I was leaving! πŸ˜‚ Actually it was a private school and they weren’t making enough money to keep the school going. I attended both the same Primary and Secondary school that my mum went to so the school closing was sad for a lot of people.

ChemistryMy Secondary school was a Grammar school and it was one of the best in the country. Because of this they were incredibly focused on results and staying high up in the league table – it was constantly ‘Only an A or A* is good enough’. I did my GCSE’s (the exams you take at 16) and I did okay – better than the national average for sure, but nowhere near good enough compared to the rest of the year. I think I failed a couple – French and Chemistry I think. I actually got so far behind in Chemistry that the teacher didn’t even help me towards the end! None of it made sense haha.

I decided to stay for sixth form to do my A-Levels (the exams you take at 18) but I also had a part-time office job at my stepdad’s company. I was only supposed to be working 6 hours a week (the rules set by my school) but I enjoyed it so much I was doing way more. My subjects were Classics, English Lit, English Language and Business Studies. I got through the first year but didn’t really enjoy any of it – my exam results again were okay but not good enough. The only subject I loved was Classic’s which I got a B in – I cried getting the results as I wanted an A so badly. Outside of school I’d also been taking evening book-keeping courses as something else to do.

After working the whole Summer I decided to leave sixth form in October. I probably should have stayed, but I didn’t have anything I wanted to do desperately at Uni and I just wanted to start working. I worked at the office for a few months, and then got a new job in Finance. This new job paid for me to do my AAT exams (which are accountancy) and I have completed all but one! I’m hoping to have this one finished by September. I’m also studying a wedding/events course which is what I’ve always wanted to get involved in! The finance training should help when I start my own company.

So that’s my Academics all rolled up in to a few paragraphs… Did you guys like school? Have any regrets about studying or not?

Love Roxy xx







9 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 22 | My Academics

  1. Shelby says:

    I love that you have made your own path! So many people believe that they can only be successful if they do what everyone else does. You went with your gut and it sounds like you are very happy! I hope you can start planning weddings soon! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    • Roxy Starr says:

      One of my best friends is getting married so we actually went wedding dress shopping at the weekend, and I’m helping her start to plan which is so exciting! Great way to get started too πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading! x

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  2. lauzieslifestyle says:

    This was a really fascinating read and I studied English Literature and Language in college as well. I didn’t really enjoy it and I had no desire to take it further into uni, even though I wanted to be a writer.
    Sometimes I have regrets, but ultimately I knew that it was not right for me. Im glad you are now doing what you want and you have your career plan set. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cheila says:

    My private school closed down the year I left too, also because they we’re bankrupt. What a funny coincidence. I love that you took a different path, more work oriented and pursued actual experience instead of just grades. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Roxy Starr says:

      That’s so weird! Maybe they just couldn’t imagine the school without you?! πŸ˜‰ I’m applying for jobs again soon so the experience is coming in very useful xx


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