Blog Challenge Day 21 | What I Hope My Future Will Be Like


Image from Pixabay

The year is 2024. Roxy is sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of her home in South Carolina. She’s reading a book that’s not yet been released, and she’s due to take part on the blog tour a few weeks later. By her feet is Albus, a rescue dog from the local shelter, whilst Hagrid sits inside where it’s cooler. She waves to one of her neighbours who pass by and they chat quickly about the upcoming Street BBQ – Roxy will be making her famous British dishes to take along.

‘Roxy, where are the fresh bed sheets’ she hears from inside the house. Her husband is getting the bedroom ready for the next foster child, who will be arriving later that day. Luckily Roxy works from home as a Wedding Planner, as well as having a side business of an online store, so she is able to spend a lot of time at home looking after both the dogs and the children. ‘They’re in the closet’ she calls back to him, getting up as she knows that it will be quicker if she helps. They were meeting her family for a meal at Crackerbarrel shortly – her sister was off to college and we wanted to see her before she went.

Roxy was happy 😊


















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