Blog Challenge Day 19 | 5 Things I Lust After

I’m on a serious no spending money type budget at the moment, so I don’t really shop a lot. I still like to window shop, or fill up on online basket but I don’t tend to buy much. But I can still look right?

Craft and Baking Supplies

I can walk around a hobby craft store for hours but I normally come out having spent a fortune. I love crafts but my issue is that I want to try everything. I’m still teaching myself how to crochet, needlefelt and watching youtube tutorials to help me use my sewing machine! One day I’d love to have a home business selling things I’ve made. It’s the same with things for the kitchen – I always need more cupcake cases or cookery books!


I’m forever looking at holidays and places I want to go to. I’ll read up information and make notes and tips for when I finally get there! I’ve spent hours looking up holidays in the last few weeks as my boyfriend and I were hoping to go somewhere in July – we booked it at the weekend! We’re going to Corfu in a couple of weeks 😍 It’s the first time I’ll have gone to a Greek Island so I’m super excited – Matt even bought me a guide-book yesterday so we’re gonna plan out our trip – eek! 😀



Sidari, Corfu. Photo taken from the Thomas Cook website



I love dresses, but I never get enough chances to wear them! One of my favourite brands is Paper Dolls which I found on Little Mistress – They quite often have a really good sale too which is so dangerous for my purse haha. They’re really great for work or party dresses. I love looking at ball gowns too but I’ve not had the chance to wear one yet – hopefully one day!

Home Accessories

I can’t wait to have a house to decorate – I’m forever looking at candles, pillows, throws, canvas pictures etc but I don’t have enough space to fill yet! Primark is actually really good for home items so I try to avoid it now just in case haha. They’ve recently brought out a lot of pineapple inspired products which I went a little nuts for 🙊


You can never have too many matching notebooks and pens I don’t think. I love all stationery from desk planners to pencil cases! One of my favourite stores is Paperchase  as they have some adorable things. I actually bought a whole load of their postcards and strung them up on some fairy lights in my room. They’ve got either funny or motivational quotes on – I must remember to take photo’s of them sometime!

What do you guys love to shop for?

Love Roxy xx










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