Blog Challenge Day 17 | Something I’m Proud Of

This post is a little late for two reasons. Firstly I went out with my boyfriends family yesterday for the day which started quite early so I didn’t get a chance to write it first thing. We took their dog out by a lake, had lunch and then took a walk around a farm shop! The dog is so sweet – his name is Max, he’s an English Setter and is only about 6 months old! He is crazy excitable though and doesn’t ever seem to calm down – he keeps jumping up and as he’s getting so big now a headbutt would be quite painful! So we had to keep stroking him as the only way to keep him on the floor haha.

My boyfriend also has a problem with his flat at the moment which means it’s about 34 degrees (93F). He lives in student accommodation so the window’s don’t even open very far and it’s just insanely hot. I meant to write the post when we got in but the heat got to me and I just fell straight to sleep with an ice pack on my chest… eurgh!

The second reason that this post is late is because I’ve really struggled to come up with something to write. I keep thinking that there must be something I’ve achieved that I’m really proud of – something that stands out above everything else. But I can only think of little everyday things that are totally normal, but all together make me proud of who I am.

A Few Things I’m proud of:

  • I did a skydive for charity
  • I’m only one exam away from completing my AAT qualification
  • I went along to my burlesque class not knowing anyone – something that terrified me. Now I make an effort to step out of my comfort zone
  • Last year I got through a tough interview + a test and landed a new job. Apparently I interview pretty well
  • I’m proud of this blog
  • I’m proud of my sister – she’s only 11 but is an amazing singer. I’m even going to share her video because talking about her is one of my favourite things to do haha


Love Roxy xx




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