Blog Challenge Day 15 | Does My Zodiac Sign Fit My Personality?

Date of Birth: 27th June 1994
Zodiac Sign: Cancer


I’ve always thought that Cancer was a fairly accurate description of me – or at least the highly emotional side! I have way too many feelings and often over think things to the point where I’m just mentally hurting myself. The only thing on the above graphic that I strongly disagree with is that I don’t believe myself to be manipulative at all. Everything else is pretty much spot on.

I’m terrified of water, but I do like to be near it. I’ll happily sit by the sea or a lake, but I won’t go any further in than my knees at most. I love crafts and baking (as obvious by my hours and hours spent on Pinterest) and no one could possibly criticise my mum as she’s perfect anyway 😊

For a bit of extra information I was born in the year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar. I didn’t realise that different years have different dogs, but apparently I’m a Wood Dog. The traits of a wood dog include being sincere, reliable, considerate, understanding and patient which I think links quite well to the traits of a Cancer. Dogs are also my favourite animals so I think that’s pretty cool!

What star sign’s are you guys? Do you agree with them too? I often think that when we read things like that we start searching for ways to agree with them like when we read a horoscope – do you believe there’s any truth to them?

Love Roxy xx


One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 15 | Does My Zodiac Sign Fit My Personality?

  1. CassieMorganM says:

    I wanna believe there is truth to them because sometimes they are spot on but it’s so hard to know & tell. I’ll keep looking up my horoscope and things like this. It’s entertaining. Thank you for posting 💕


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