Blog Challenge Day 13 | What Do I Think of My Body

Hmm I guess a blog challenge calls for complete honesty huh? Well…

It’s okay…

I wouldn’t say I love it, but I’m probably in the majority feeling like that. My thighs touch, my arms have always been kinda fat and if my boobs wanted to get bigger I wouldn’t complain! It’s difficult to live up to the ‘perfect bodies’ that you see everywhere. But I don’t hate it. I’m learning to love it more.

The most difficult thing is that I have an 11-year-old sister, and I want her to grow up feeling confident and beautiful, because she is absolutely stunning already. And I’m scared that the body image issues are going to hit her too as she’s at the right age. How do we deal with that? I try not to be negative about myself around her, in fact I try to be as confident as possible but of course she hears other people complaining that they’re fat etc. I don’t want those ideas to rub off on her too. Anyone out there got any tips?!

I know that when the sun comes out, I’ll hate putting shorts on. It’ll take a few weeks to get comfortable, by that time Summer is nearly over! I’ll walk slightly funny trying to make sure my legs wobble the least amount possible. Some days I’ll even wear clear tights underneath – stupid right? But I’ll get there eventually.

How would you guys answer this question?!

Love Roxy xx



2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 13 | What Do I Think of My Body

  1. Shelby says:

    You’re an AMAZING older sister wanting to be confident for your younger sister! I agree that the majority of people aren’t comfortable with their body, I’m in that majority too. Maybe you can tell your sister that even though everyone wishes to change some things you can still be confident?

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