Blog Challenge Day 9 | How Important I Think Education Is

Well this is a pretty big question huh? I think education is really important. Going to school and getting good grades can never be a bad thing. I think getting worked hard at school teaches you to set goals and to work for what you want. Going to University is a personal choice, but if someone wants to spend another 3/4 years learning, how can that be bad? We learn continuously throughout our lives and learning new things should be a fun and positive experience. If someone wants to do this through Uni then it’s their choice, whilst others may want to learn through travelling or working instead.


However I don’t think education is everything. I’m not going to use Richard Branson or Lord Alan Sugar as an example because they are the minority – not everyone who fails school is going to become a millionaire. But it is perfectly possible (and people do it all the time) to do badly in school and still succeed. I think it all depends on what your idea of success is. I will consider my life a success if I work in a job that I like, marry someone I love and live happily. Education helps, but it’s not completely necessary for my goal. Other people may feel very differently depending on what they want out of life. The only thing I feel particularly strongly about is that education should be available to everyone. It shouldn’t be so expensive that people get priced out of learning either which is what happens when University and courses cost so much money to do.

I’d love to know your thoughts?

Love Roxy xx









One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 9 | How Important I Think Education Is

  1. Shelby says:

    I agree with you! Education isn’t everything if you are living happily, but it’s a good way to learn to set goals and learn about yourself. Along with the cost being outrageous, I also feel like people put too much stress on grades instead of actually learning.

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