Blog Challenge Day 7 | Three Pet Peeves

I have a lot of pet peeves if I’m honest! I get irritated by quite a few things. Not angry, they just niggle at me for a little while.

  1. Overreactions. So this can annoy me in so many ways. For example I have a roommate who over reacts about everything. Instead of calmly starting a conversation, he’ll go straight in to shouting and swearing and pointing fingers. In fact recently he threatened to ‘call the police’ and apparently ‘phoned his family lawyer’ over someone breaking one of his wires, which it turns out wasn’t even broken. Other overreactions that annoy me are in the car. I hate when someone gets angry and beeps/flashes etc over a really simple thing. I get that people take their frustrations out whilst in the car but it’s not safe and it’s never okay. For starters you don’t know who you’re doing it to. It could either be another equally angry person who will pull over and start a fight, or a nervous older driver who you’ve just terrified even more.I say all these things but I do overreact myself, everyone does. It’s just that my overreactions tend to be more like ‘he hasn’t replied in an hour – he’s either been kidnapped or has met a model and flown to Vegas to get married’.
  2. People who make subtle digs about what you’re eating just as you’re enjoying something unhealthy. The kind of comments that go ‘oh I’d love a cupcake too but you know they’re so bad for you and I’m supposed to be on a diet. You know I read somewhere that there’s a bazillion calories just in one bite of those?’. Yeah, those people. I know exactly what I’m eating thank you very much and I don’t care! Still, it takes a little enjoyment away from it when you know you’re being watched and judged!Blueberrys
  3. CYCLISTS WHO GO THROUGH RED LIGHTS!!! This happened to me yesterday so it’s fresh in my mind. If you’re cycling on the road with cars and a light goes red you stop. I have no issues with cyclists who follow the rules, but there were people waiting to cross this road and the cyclist went straight through. It’s dangerous and annoying!

What annoys you?

Love Roxy xx










15 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 7 | Three Pet Peeves

    • Roxy Starr says:

      I went to Hilton Head Island in SC last year and there were so many cyclists everywhere, but because both the drivers AND the cyclists were better informed it was really safe! I’d hate to cycle around where I live 😦


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