Blogging Challenge Day 6 | A Photograph of Myself

I have so many photo’s of me on my phone, but you know half of them never end up anywhere. I’m so conscious of what’s a ‘good’ photo that I end up either putting a filter on or hiding them away which is actually quite sad. So here’s some unfiltered pictures!

Pic of me 4

So let’s start off with when I was smaller and cute(r) 😉 I would still be this excited to meet Mickey and Minnie as I have a total Disney obsession. Cue picture 2!

Pic of me 1

So my 11 yr old sister does a lot of performing and she’s an incredible singer so last July we went to Euro Disney where her stage school performed a few times! I was far more excited about meeting the characters than she was.

Pic of me 2

Last September my friend Rose graduated from Plymouth University so we went out for a meal in the evening with her parents. This restaurant had an art exhibit open which for some reason had fancy dress. I couldn’t refuse!

Pic of me 3

I dragged my boyfriend out to an Astronauts and Aliens themed night out as part of Plymouth Uni’s Space Society. I dressed as Stitch from Disney (obviously) but stole my boyfriends Star Trek costume for a bit to send to my mother!

So here are a few of my pictures which hopefully show you a little more about me!

Love Roxy xx






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