Blog Challenge Day 4 | 5 Current Goals

I find it difficult to write goals at the moment as they are always changing. I don’t know where I’m going to be in a couple of months and that’s going to change again in maybe 4, maybe 6 months. More information to come at a time when I can tell all! For now have a very short term goal list 🙂

  1. Paint my nails – I’ve got this really gorgeous gold colour that I keep meaning to use but I always forget! I remember just as I’m going to sleep or before work when I don’t have time.
  2. StudyingFinish my assignment for my wedding planning course – It’s interesting but it’s planning a conference and developing a tagline and concept for a particular brand. I’m struggling with this one a little more as we don’t get much information about the company. I also picked a course that covers conferences in case I ever work in a hotel that does all events, but my heart is really in weddings and celebrations.
  3. Pick up my accounting books again for this last exam I need to finish
  4. Go through my recipes and pick something to bake this weekend. I’ve had my eye on a recipe for chocolate rice pudding, or a rum bread and butter pudding for a while so maybe I’ll make one of these.
  5. Get a little more organised on the blog post front. Get some more posts written, take more pictures and finish some books for reviews.

What goals do you guys have?

Love Roxy xx






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