Blog Challenge Day 3 | If I Won The Lottery

Ah the amount of time I spend sitting at work wondering what I’d do if I won the lottery is ridiculous! Sometimes I even buy lottery tickets and subconsciously convince myself I’m going to win – I’m always really sad when I have to go to work the next week!

CakeI’ve always said the first thing I’d do is go out and buy a proper birthday style cake. The kind with jam and buttercream in the middle and a ton of royal icing on top. I have a total obsession with birthday cake but I’d never normally buy myself a whole one (unless it was my birthday of course) so this would be the perfect excuse!

HolidayNext thing I’d do is quit my job and book a holiday. It would two weeks somewhere all inclusive and sunny – I’d take my family, book out all the best rooms and make sure everyone went to the spa at least twice a day! Whilst I was there I’d plan out my next trip which would probably be somewhere in the States.

I’d give some money to my family, donate some to charity and once I’d got the travelling out of the way I’d adopt some shelter dogs. Heck, I might even fund my own shelter! The one thing that I wouldn’t do though is go public that I’d won – I wouldn’t want everyone to know as people would treat you so differently.

What would you guys do?!

Love Roxy xx


3 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 3 | If I Won The Lottery

  1. EttaD says:

    If I won the lotto a lot of that money would go to charity and my family. Then I’d take a vacation to figure out what to do with the rest 😉 Oh, I’d also like to have a ranch for homeless pets and hire a ghost writer.

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