Blog Challenge Day 2 | My Favourite Childhood Book

This is a difficult question because I had so many books that I love growing up! I’ll cheat a little bit and name a few of my favourites instead.

Harry Potter series.png

Well of course the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling has to be in here! I was the perfect age for these books, still a child as they were released so I grew up at the same time Harry did. I still read the books every so often and I often watch the films too – the first time I went to the Wizarding World in Orlando I cried (and have no shame!). In fact my winter scarf is Gryffindor and it totally rocks!

I’d happily sit down with the either of these books again. I actually dug them out of my sister’s cupboard the other day in an attempt to rescue them – I’m not sure that she ever did read either! Enid Blyton had the most amazing imagination and reading stories like these is probably one of the reasons my imagination can be quite so wild. I think reading them now though my immature brain would giggle every few pages at the character named ‘Dick’. It’s funny how some names go out of fashion!

Malory Towers

Can you tell I liked Enid Blyton and stories about children at boarding schools?! Again, another childhood favourite that I’d still enjoy now I’m sure!

What did you guys read when you were younger?

Roxy xx









10 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 2 | My Favourite Childhood Book

  1. lifeinthegingerlane says:

    I love love loved Harry Potter, obviously 😂. I haven’t been to the wizarding world yet but cannot wait! I loved Enid Blyton but I preferred the Famous Five stories. Also loved Little Women & everything by Roald Dahl. I read constantly as a child, can you tell 😂😂.

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  2. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    I still re-read my Enid Blyton books over and over again. Everything from the Secret Sevens and Famous Fives to the tales of Mr. Meddles and Aunt Jemimas, Noddy and the faraway wishing trees. She really did wonders for my childhood.

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