Blog Challenge Day 1 | The Meaning Behind My Blogs Name

Hey Everyone!

Firstly, HAPPY JUNE! This is my favourite month of the year as the weather is finally getting a little better! Plus it’s my Birthday month and half way to Christmas – ahh! This is the first day of my June Blogging Challenge and today is all about my blog name.

I started my blog off with mainly book reviews because I love to read – I always have a book with me and it comes out at any spare moment I have. I knew that I wanted to branch out eventually though and include recipes, craft features, travel and photographs so I didn’t want a book related name.

I did a burlesque class last year with The Cheek of It and in one of the classes we had to come up with our performing name and character. Who is she, what does she wear, how does she act? That sort of thing. Imagine a glamourous 1920’s lady wearing a flapper dress and Charleston dancing? That was the inspiration behind the name and so I thought there’s no better name to use for my blog than my performing name. I’m putting myself out there with words instead of on a stage, but it’s still scary. The crowd for my performance was so supportive just like the blogging community has been too so I think the name has worked pretty darn well.


© Tigz Rice Studios 2016.

© Tigz Rice Studios 2016.


Love Roxy xx






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