Feels Like Summer | 10 Things to Bake

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I’ve got today and tomorrow off work so I’m feeling super happy today. The only thing bringing me down slightly is quite often my hands go a bit red and sore, and they’ve been really bad the past two days. I think I’m allergic to something but I don’t know what – it has got me out of washing the dishes though! I think I’m going to the beach tomorrow too, so I’ll make sure to take some pictures.

Olaf summer

I’m starting to feel really summery so about now I usually start to make a few lists of things I want to cook, things I want to bake, drinks I’d like to make etc. Whether I actually get them all done is another story, but I always try my best! Today I’ll be sharing 10 things off my ‘to bake this Summer’ list!

Ice Cream Cookies

  1. Ice Cream Pop themed cookies from Bake at 350

Strawberry Cupcakes

2. strawberry and Vanilla cupcakes with Prosecco Frosting from Globescoffers

Berry Eton Mess Dessert Shots

3. Berry Eton Mess Dessert Shots from GiraffesCanBake

Watermelon Cupcakes

4. Watermelon Cupcakes from Thefirstyearblog

Iced Buns

5. Iced buns (a staple for any British picnic) by BBC Good Food

Strawberry and chocolate meringue

6. Strawberry and Chocolate Meringue from My Golden Pear

Coconut mango cake

7. Coconut and mango cake with a coconut caramel drizzle by Recipes from a Pantry

blueberry peach tart

8. Blueberry and Peach tart by Baker by Nature

Summer fruit drizzle cake

9. Summer fruit drizzle cake by BBC Good Food

Gin and tonic tart

10. Gin and Tonic tart by Delicious

Don’t these look so yummy?! What are you guys baking this Summer?

Love Roxy xx


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