A Night at The Theatre – A Brimful of Asha

A Brimful of Asha

The theatre near where I live runs a special scheme for anyone under the age of 26 who’ve signed up for an online account with them. You’ll get a text or email the day before a show letting you know that tickets are only £5, but you need to be under 26 and show ID to prove it. So we often end up going for last minute theatre dates and saving at least half price on the tickets!

Recently I’ve seen Jane Eyre which was amazing – I actually considered going to see it twice! Next was a musical comedy called ‘Johnny and the Baptist – Eat The Poor’. It was a political comedy – just two guys and their guitars. The last thing we went to see was ‘Sunny Afternoon’ which is a musical on the story of The Kinks. That was also really good and it turns out I knew more of their songs than I realised.

So the latest last minute £5 date night was ‘A Brimful of Asha’ which we went to see Friday night. I didn’t know what to expect as the only description I’d read was:

Ravi’s trip to India couldn’t be more perfect. Until his parents begin introducing potential brides.

In this hilarious show real life mother and son Asha and Ravi Jain share the stage to tell this true story of generational culture clash.

As we walked in to the theatre we were greeted by both Ravi and Asha, welcomed to the show and also offered samosa’s (which were delicious btw). The stage was just a table, two chairs, a pot of tea and a TV screen. The play was different to any that I’ve seen before. We’re listening to them tell a story of something that actually happened to their family back in 2007 and helping them decide who was right and who was wrong.

Their story was about Ravi’s parents wanting him to get married after he’d finished his theatre degree. He wanted to do it in his own time when he’d found somebody that he loved but his parents wanted him to do it sooner. After Ravi went on a trip to India with a friend, his parents decide to set him up with a girl over there. Soon, after one date with her, his parents had set up a meeting with her grandparents and a proposal was expected which led to big arguments. Eventually Ravi and his parents were talking again and all was fine until they revealed that they’d put his advert in an Indian paper and he had two binders full of Indian women to choose from!

It was hilarious and an amazing insight to a different culture and how generations are doing things differently. I also had two samosa’s and we continued our date to the crepe cafe next door when it was finished, so I considered it successful haha.

What do you guys like going to see at the theatre?

Love Roxy xx














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