Book Review |A Daughter’s Courage – Renita D’Silva

1929. When a passionate love affair threatens to leave Lucy in disgrace, she chooses a respectable marriage over a life of shame. With her husband, coffee-plantation-owner James, she travels to her new home in India, leaving her troubled past behind her.

Everything in India is new to Lucy, from the jewel-coloured fabrics to the exotic spices. When her path crosses that of Gowri, a young woman who tends the temple on the plantation’s edge, Lucy is curious to find out more about her, and the events that lead her to live in isolation from her family…

Now. With her career in shatters and her heart broken by the man she thought was her future, Kayva flees from bustling Mumbai to her home town. A crumbling temple has been discovered in a village nearby, and with it letters detailing its tragic history – desperate pleas from a young woman called Gowri.

As Kavya learns of Gowri and Lucy’s painful story, she begins to understand the terrible sacrifices that were made and the decision the two women took that changed their lives forever. Can the secrets of the past help Kavya to rebuild her life?

A breath-taking journey through the rolling hills of India, deep into the secrets hidden within a family. For fans of Santa Montefiore, Dinah Jefferies and Victoria Hislop.

A Daughters Courage

Rating: 5 out of 5

Every so often I read a book that I can’t stop thinking about for days, or even weeks afterwards. This is one of these books! I both loved but hated each page closer I got to the end because I just didn’t want it to finish. The detail and description were extraordinary – I felt like I’d been transported to India and watched the story unfold before my eyes. I connected with all the characters, particularly the four main women that we hear the story through. They teach us about so many different kinds of love and sacrifice, as well as reminding us about the importance of family. It’s so interesting to see different families doing what they think is right for their children – how would I react I wondered?

The practice of sacrificing young girls to a Goddess is a difficult and emotional subject to read about, particularly as we know that it still happens today. In a world where we are given so many opportunities it’s unbearable to think about those who don’t. This is an absolutely stunning book which I can’t praise enough – I’ve found a fabulous new author to follow in Renita D’Silva and I can’t wait to read something else of hers.

This book will be released on the 31st May and you can pre-order a copy here. Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for the chance to read and review this.

Love Roxy xx


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