Book Review | Two Good Dogs – Susan Wilson

When Cody, a troubled fourteen-year-old, witnesses a murder, she tells no one. But it begins a spiral for her from which she cannot escape. Her worried mother Skye thinks a change of scene is just what her introverted, withdrawn daughter needs and since her dream has always been to own an inn, she jumps at the chance to buy a dilapidated bed & breakfast in the Berkshires. But being an innkeeper is harder than it seems and Cody still seems to fall in with the wrong crowd.

When Adam March arrives as the inn’s only guest, he is accompanied by his rescued pit bull, Chance, a dog who has saved Adam in more ways than one. Cody and Chance begin a wary bond and soon, Adam finds another rescue who needs the kind of attention he gave Chance years ago. With Adam and Skye beginning a tentative relationship and Chance showing Cody how to trust again, this new-found family seems to be on the brink of second chances.

But soon, a murderer is closing in—someone hiding in plain sight, and threatening everything and everyone—even Cody’s life. 

two good dogs

Rating: 4 out of 5


I absolutely adore dogs! They are my favourite animal in the world. I have this dream that when I’m older and have my own place I can give a home to older rescue dogs who might otherwise be left in the shelter. I’ve liked a load of rescue centres on facebook so I get to see all the happy dogs who’ve got adopted, and sometimes I send toys or food to random shelters through amazon for the ones that haven’t been. Point is, I’m a sucker for dogs so a book about dogs is the best thing ever. The fact that it’s about rescue dogs is even better.

What I didn’t realise was that this book is actually a sequel to ‘One Good Dog’ which was released in 2010. I don’t think it affected reading this book at all, other than we hear about something that Adam did in his past which changed who he was – but we never find out what it is! It’s likely that’s what the first book is about, so I think I’ll give it a read just to find out! It was really interesting to read and find out a little more about therapy dogs too – I didn’t realise how much they could help with.

I loved the way the book was written – from different points of view, including Chance the dog. I loved his take on human life and how he sees it through his big brown adorable give-me-treat eyes. The characters are easy to empathise with and to understand which makes this quite easy to read. The only thing that I didn’t quite like about this story was that a big chunk of the story seems to be squished in the last few pages. I got to the last page and thought ‘what? Is it done?!’.

Slightly different to my normal read but well worth it! I’d recommend giving this one a try, and I’ll be looking out for books by this author in the future!

Love Roxy xx


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