Easter Cocktails!

I know we don’t tend to associate Easter with alcohol but I love cocktails so it’s time that we started! I get super excited about anything that can be themed so I was thinking that Easter cocktails should so become a thing. I spent a little time lot of time on Pinterest hunting down a few of my favourites – I can’t wait to try them!

Peeps cocktail

This peeps inspired cocktail is from Love Bakes Good Cakes – we don’t actually have peeps here in the UK which is sad because I love them! Well, I love them in the way that I know they’re awful for me but I eat them anyway haha. I always buy a ton when I’m in the States and they last me a while. This cocktail uses cherry vodka which sounds amazing – I love flavoured vodka!

Cocktail 2

This Chocolate Martini comes from Olivia’s Cuisine and should take about 10 minutes to prepare. It’s fairly simple and Olivia uses chocolate ganache but you could substitute this for chocolate liqueur if you preferred.

Cocktail 3

This is a Mini Egg Martini which I actually made the other night! This was delicious – I substituted a little less vodka for more Baileys but it depends on what your preference is. You could easily substitute the mini eggs for another kind of chocolate too – maybe flake would work well? This recipe is from BBC Good Food and only takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

cocktail 4

This one here is from 10th Kitchen and she’s named it Frank the Rabbit cocktail. I’m using here because of the obvious Easter -carrot-rabbit theme but it’s actual a cocktail made from Bourbon and carrot juice. It’s definitely an interesting concept and I’d love to give it a try.

cocktail 5

I know – another Martini! But who doesn’t love Martini’s?! This one is adorable – I love marshmallows and coconut – combined with alcohol and I think I’m in heaven. This is from Inspired By Charm and I recommend going to check this blog out – it’s a great read and the photo’s are all so perfect!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter, no matter how you decide to spend it!

Roxy xx



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