Cecily Paterson – Love & Muddy Puddles

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group at school and is planning to have the most amazing year ever. But then her dad decides to go all eco-feral-greenie-crazy-tree-change and moves the whole family to a remote farm so they can ‘bond’.

With social death looming and more than a few pairs of ballet flats ruined by mud, Coco’s plan is to get herself back to Sydney and her clique at any cost. But it will take an Akubra-hat-and-flanny-shirt-wearing boy and a nervous horse called Cupcake to show her who her real friends are.

love and muddy puddles

Rating: 4 out of 5

So this was one of the books I picked up for free the other day (see my post here) so I thought I’d give it a go in between the ARC’s I have to read. This was a young adults book and actually I would say the audience is probably 10-14 years, so I’ve rated it from the POV of that kind of age group.

The story is told from the POV of Coco who has been forced to move from Sydney to Kangaroo Valley by her family – I don’t know Australia too well so let’s just say from the City to the middle of nowhere. Before moving she’d just managed to get in with the popular crowd (who are actually just a bunch of horrible, mean girls as is the way in most schools right?). Obviously at Coco’s age you don’t really see it like that so to her this is the end of the world etc.

The story really covers her families adventurous move, building their own house and how Coco and her siblings settle in. Coco is seriously self-absorbed and moans all the time. Some of the things she says makes you just want to slap her and tell her to get on with it. Obviously reading it as an adult would be different to the way that a teenager would read it, so I think I’ll pass it to my sister (she’s 11) to see what she thinks.

Overall it was entertaining and the author has written it really well – she’s just managed to get the right level of teenager drama without going OTT. It also reminded me just how mean girls of that age can be. I always want to follow my sister to school and fight her battles when someone is being horrible and it’s pretty difficult not to! She’ll be pleased to know though that I don’t think there’s any plans on the horizon to move her to the middle of nowhere where she might fall in horse poop.

This book is still free on amazon at the moment – download it here

Roxy xx









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