Happy (Nearly) Easter!

We have under a month until Easter Sunday and the bank holiday weekend that comes with it – woooo! I love Easter as for me it marks the start of Spring and all the loveliness that comes with that. It’s normally around Easter that the weather starts getting a little better (as good as it can in England anyway) and it’s the part of the year where we get the most bank holidays off work. I thought I’d do a little Easter segment until we get to the big day focusing on recipes and Easter related crafts that look kinda fun to do.

This week I’ve picked out my favourite easter chocolate baking ideas. I normally try to do a cake at least but I’ve got a couple of things I wanted to try this year – I’ll make sure to put up pictures if they go well. Or if they go terribly I’ll put up pictures so we can laugh at my domestic goddess failure!

Easter Egg Brownies

The Easter theme is a delicious twist on a regular brownie. These are topped with Cadbury Creme eggs, Cabury mini eggs and also Smartie eggs too. I love the chicks on top too – I normally see these on sales in poundland or similar. This recipe is from BBC Good Food – for the full recipe and ingredients list please see here


Again, another recipe that involves creme eggs (jeez, you’d think they were popular or something). This recipe is from the hilarious Amuse-Your-Bouche.com – She’s got some fantastic recipes and puts a personal twist on the writing so they’re a great read. These are a chocolate version of a scotch egg (if not from the UK please google!) – they actually look like they’d make a great gift too if you’re one to do Easter gifts.

creme egg shortbread

Okay I promise this is the last creme egg recipe! I love caramel shortbread and this is an easy alternative. The recipe is by Kerry Cooks and she gives a great step by step plus tips on how to get it right. This would also go great with caramel eggs if you’re not a cream egg fan.

mini eggs brownie parfait

This recipe is from The Busy Baker – they look super easy to make but seriously impressive. You could always buy some ready made brownies if you didn’t have time to make your own.

Easter nests

Chocolate nests are so easy you don’t really even need a recipe. You can use any kind of cereal you want – nests are better with shredded wheat but I often use coco pops or rice krispies, whatever you have really. This recipe though is from The Happy Foodie and uses mars bars too so a bit of a twist on the norm. Fill them with mini eggs and they are perfect for Easter!


I couldn’t resist adding this giant pavolva to the list too! I love meringue so although this one may be a little trickier, it looks like it’d be worth it! I’ve picked this recipe up from Netmums and I think I’ll add it to my Easter to make list! Mmm look at all that chocolate…

mint choc chip rocky road

It’s funny how many Easter treats have creme eggs or mini eggs in – there are other chocolates available too you know! I came across this recipe for mint aero rocky road on the blog of Jane’s Patisserie –Β  she’s got such a wonderful blog so I encourage everyone to go check it out! (Don’t do it hungry though just in case!). These look amazing and as I personally love mint chocolate I can’t wait to try them. Aero is underused in baking so I think I need to rectify this…

I hope you like these recipes – I’ve got a couple of posts to come on some non-chocolate baking, Easter gifts, homemade cards etc so stay tuned!

Love Roxy xx


26 thoughts on “Happy (Nearly) Easter!

  1. One-Way to Health says:

    I love Easter too! It’s like the beginning of summer, the days get longer and warmer, ahhh heaven! And all that chocolate!! 😍😍 I’m looking forward to all the Easter eggs! Which Easter eggs do you normally get? X


  2. josypheen says:

    I just found you on the Scale it simple Easter blog share…but I saw this too late! I guess I could make late easter treats!

    Which of these did you decide to make in the end? πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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