Another Monday rolls around… It’s the worst day of the week right? Friday’s great because everyone’s cheery and the second it rolls around to 5pm work is done for a few days. All of Saturday is spent thinking about how great it is not being at work and Sunday is just a lazy day. As it gets closer to bed time though we start thinking about how we have to go to work the next morning and start this whole process again…

Today my virtual shopping basket is entirely from Sheplers. As a massive country music fan I’ve been enjoying the livestream of C2C this weekend (C2C is a country music festival held in London each year). Unfortunately I didn’t go as I hate London and country music should be listened to in the back of a truck in the middle of a field somewhere, preferably with some beer and southern accents #sorrynotsorry.


  1. I’ve got a pair of Dan Post boots and they’re so comfy! But I always need another few pairs right?
  2. This Ali Dee top would be perfect for the truck in a field situation described above!
  3. ‘Not My First Rodeo’ – cute and also ironic as I have yet to go to a rodeo – it’s on the to do list!
  4. I love LED lights ahhh! Find this here
  5. 16 piece dinner set – because why not?
  6. You can never have enough boots
  7. I know what you’re thinking… why has she put up an empty picture? Look a little closer… it’s just camouflage silly! 😉
  8. Not sure I could actually pull off a hat but I’d happily try. How does one even measure their head? Do I have a small or large head? *gets out measuring tape*
  9. Okay I understand that Sheplers doesn’t actually sell Luke Bryan… but we can hope right?

Roxy xx


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