#ManicMonday once again…

Why is the weekend so short?! I had the most awful week at work last week – hopefully this one will go much better (and quicker!). I’m making my #ManicMonday a weekly feature so every Monday I’m going to show you my fake shopping basket of all the things I’d buy if I had the money!


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST LEGGINGS. Can you get any cooler than that? I’m such a Disney nerd so I have been admiring these for ages now! The only thing that’s stopped me from buying them is that the website has so many bad reviews. You can find them here


I have been admiring these ones too. These are only about £14 on the website and I’m pretty sure I’d look great doing fitness yoga in these bad boys. Ahh I love them.


I don’t know why I want this – I don’t even know that I’d use it that much. BUT IT’S SO CUTE! Look at his little robot face – he’s saying ‘hey wanna know what the time is? I can tell you! Look into my tummy!’. I guess he’s actually a metal teletubby. I have such a thing for stationery and desk organisation – creating the perfect workspace is important and he would help set the mood. This little guy is from Paperchase – have a look here


Another one from Paperchase to go with my stationery obsession. I feel like everytime I sat down to study this would put me in such a great mood! I love puns, and puns with cute animals are extra special. You can pick this up here for £6!


I know what you’re thinking – she wants onion rings? Why doesn’t she just buy some? I’ll tell you why. These are not just normal onion rings my friend – these are River City Cafe onion rings. To get these I would have to fly to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So I guess this one is I would like to buy some flights online to go on holiday but get some onion rings whilst I’m there.

I went out last March/April time and oh man, these are the best onion rings I’ve ever had in my entire life. I even knew as I was eating them that I should probably stop otherwise I won’t be able to appreciate any others again, but instead I just kept eating. And now I’m ruined. I’m so hungry now.


Let’s end this with a throwback to the onion ring holiday – here’s me on a beach with a very friendly lifeguard. I miss the sun and the accents – everyone was so friendly! Now I can get on with work remembering how much fun I don’t have there… Have a super week everyone!

Roxy xx


8 thoughts on “#ManicMonday once again…

  1. One-Way to Health says:

    I looove those leggings and I cannot wait to go to the cinema to watch the movie! I bet you miss the sun, the beach and the onion rings! I was looking today at cheap flights somewhere far away.. I don’t think its happening any time soon though 😦 Are you planning on going back to South Carolina any time soon? x x

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