#Manic Monday

It’s Monday again 😦 I had the whole of last week off work and it was so relaxing! I spent the week reading and doing all those things I never get time to do working 9-5. My boyfriend and I had a weekend away too – we stayed in a little self-catering lodge in Devon for 2 nights which was lovely. We also did an experience at the wonderful Woolley Animals where we met their Alpaca’s and took them on a walk! Stuart and Cathy who run the farm are absolutely lovely – it felt like we were visiting friends. We also got to bottle feed lambs and as I’m a complete animal nut this was the best thing ever!! If you’re ever in this part of the country, I would so recommend giving them a visit!

Anyway I’m back to work today so I thought to cheer myself up I’ll do a bit of internet shopping. You know the kind where you fill your basket up with everything you want and then sadly close the webpage down because you can’t spend the money?! Yep, that kind! I love the Etsy site so I wanted to share my ‘shopping’ with you πŸ™‚


These candles came up straight away – must be fate right?! I do wonder what a Stately Home would smell like – I’ve been to a few but spend most of the time asking if there are any ghosts haha. Blackberry and Coconut Island are the two I would like to try most so into my fake shopping basket they pop.Β  These can be found here and are sold by the Wickham Candle Company.


Look at this!! Look!! This is so ridiculously cute and I bet my mum would adore it – she loves gin. These boxes are sold by BeauBoxGifts and they do all different kinds, including one called ‘The Prosecco Made Me Do It’. It’s always the prosecco… The gin and tonic caramel sauce in this box sounds amazing though. I’ll be fake buying this one too!


I know that I would never wear these – I’d be far too worried about getting them damaged, and you don’t want to damage Β£85 shoes. BUT I LOVE THEM!! Yourheartdesires1 makes all kinds of different designs and styles, there’s even a load of Disney Princess ones too. I want I want I want!!


A dress that tells everyone I love books… How cute is this!! The dress is listed in the Rooby Lane store which you need to check out. Her designs are incredible. This particular dress adds another Β£125 to my shopping basket…


I love a motivational quote and this one would look great on my wall! From the BeauTypographie store this one is only Β£14 for an A4 sized piece. I might actually add this to a real shopping basket!

So in total I’ve pretended to spend about Β£250… I’m not sure if it’s helped the going back to work feeling or if I now just need to go shopping but it’s always fun to look! I’d love to know what you guys would buy (or pretend to buy!)

Love Roxy xx


13 thoughts on “#Manic Monday

  1. One-Way to Health says:

    Harry Potter shoes? Wait, whaaaat? Ahhh they would look so pretty on top of my chest of drawers πŸ™‚ I love the Pineapple motivational quote too, it definitely put a smile on your face! I like your attitude, pretending to buy..that is such a good way to save money! πŸ™‚

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