DIY Bookmarks

As well as reading I am also obsessed with crafts, dogs and socks. Not necessarily in that order, and that isn’t the extent but it’s a pretty big chunk. I don’t get a lot of time, or space, to work on crafts but every so often I manage to get something done! I don’t like turning the corner of a book to hold my space, but I always seem to misplace bookmarks. So I had a little look at pinterest (to be honest pinterest is never a ‘little’ look for me – normally 2 hours and 5 boards later…) and I’ve found a few bookmarks that could be made at home without too much effort.


These cute hearts are from Easy Peasy and Fun – you can find the instructions here. All you need is some red or pink origami paper and scissors.


As a massive Harry Potter fan, I absolutely love this! The instructions can be found here over at and they give you a step by step guide. You’ll need a couple of different coloured papers, glue and scissors.


These are so clever and again look super easy. I work in a charity shop on the weekends and always see books with spines that would be perfect for this – I’m not sure how well I’d cope with cutting a book up though! This can be found over at Crafts A La Mode and the instructions are here. They aren’t particularly detailed but it should be fairly simple. You’ll need a book with the spine of your choice, a holepunch, some coloured card, an eyelet, some ribbon and glue.


And the last one for this week – felt tea cups! Unfortunately there’s no instructions on how to make these. They came from A Homemade Living but she had a website issue so they were lost – I would recommend checking out her blog anyway though. There’s a ton more crafts and recipes which look great. I think the photo is detailed enough so we can probably tell how to make these without instructions – I’ll give it a go over the next few weeks and post some if it goes well!


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