Jenny Colgan – Class: Welcome To The Little School By The Sea

I absolutely adore Jenny Colgan. I practically swallow her books whole with how quickly I read them. In fact I’ve read two just in the last week, and the rest I’ve got on my bookshelf which have all been read about 3 times! So I was surprised to hear that there were any books of hers that I hadn’t read as I thought I’d crossed them all off my list. I came across two books of hers which I hadn’t read – one was called The Little Shop of Happy Ever After (which I’ll post about soon) and a series called Class. These were originally released under the author name of Jane Beaton, but she’s re-released them under her name as it was confusing readers.

class-by-the-seaI read somewhere that her idea was to write a boarding school style book for adults that miss the days of reading Mallory Towers (which were excellent books may I add!). The main character is an English teacher from Scotland who moves to Cornwall to teach at a posh boarding school. Her boyfriend obviously isn’t too happy so we get to read into their relationship through the book (always interesting – I’m so nosy!). She doesn’t fit in straight away and the pupils are a lot different to her class back home. We hear a little about the lives of the other teachers which is where the ‘for adults’ part comes in but we also hear what the girls at the school get up to as well.

There were a few characters I really liked but it’s not a particularly lengthy book so I didn’t feel I had time to get to know everyone enough. As this is a series she will be publishing more so hopefully this will be corrected! The next one in the series is called Rules, and it’s already sitting in the little reservation shelf of the library waiting for me to go pick it up.

On goodreads the book has a 3.9 rating out of 5 and a lot of great comments. It’s an easy book to read so I would definitely recommend this for something light, particularly if you like the Mallory Towers sort of books. However of all her books it’s not one of my favourites.

On another note, whilst checking some information for this book I happened to notice that Jenny Colgan is bringing a new book out on the 9th February called The Summer Seaside Kitchen. Eeeeek!!


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