First Post!

I have recently rediscovered my love of the library. I never forgot it was there, but it’s so easy to buy books on amazon now for 1p + delivery that it was actually a lot more effort to go out of my way for a visit. Now though I walk past a library on my way to work! They even run a free reservation thing where you can look up what book you want on their website, and if they have it they’ll put it on a shelf with your name on to take home. So I don’t even need to spend ages searching for a particular one I want. Plus library books = FREE! Only people who know how much I love to read will understand how much this excites me. In fact I’ve even been told before that I get this look on my face when I get a new book which just happens to be the same look I get when I see a puppy. and OMG I LOVE PUPPIES!!

I’m on this website too called Goodreads which is amazing because you can look up any book you want and it tells you about the book, the ratings readers have given it and where you can buy it. And, get this, the coolest bit is your virtual shelves such as ‘to read’, ‘reading’etc so you can keep track of everything. You can also set yourself a reading challenge so this year I’ve set myself the goal of 100 books. Yes, I know that’s quite a lot and to be honest I probably won’t meet it but I do read quickly and I never said they had to be long books…

So welcome to my blog anyway! You will probably have gathered that there’s going to be quite a bit about books on here – I’m hoping to tell you a bit about what I’ve read and how I’m doing in my challenge! I also love crafts, cooking, weddings and lots of other random things I will probably bore you to death about. So feel free to hang around for a bit… Or don’t. Ya know, I’m fussy.




2 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. Veraina says:

    You managed to convey something of your personality through this blog – well done! I found your humour appealing as well as the topic. One little thing: you may want to add a like button to the bottom of your posts so we can let you know when we like something. Cheers.


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